“And You, Perhaps, Are an Anti-Fascist?”: A Girl Was Attacked in Zhytomyr for Wearing a “USSR” T-Shirt

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Zhytomyr a girl was attacked because her t-shirt had a “USSR” inscription. A video of the incident was published on page of Igor NeMitin on Facebook.

In the video it is seen how two girls walk in the evening with bags. One of the girls has a red t-shirt with the white letters “USSR”. The group of young guys record the girls on camera and threatens them.

“And you, perhaps, are an anti-fascist?!” asks one of them, after which he starts to pull the girl’s jacket sleeve.

“No, I am not a fascist. Leave me alone. I simply like the t-shirt,” said the girl. She spoke in Ukrainian.

At the same time, other young people also approach the group of attackers, protecting the girl, saying that “a t-shirt is a personal human right”.

The topic continues to be discussed on the roadside. Here the conversation about war and separatism comes to an end with a fight and the guy who interceded for the girls being beaten up.

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