Andrey Fursov: What Poland’s Strange Tolerance of Ukrainian Nazism Means

NEW – June 10, 2022

The District Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Brzeg in Poland did not initiate a criminal case on the fact of the spread of the slogan of Ukrainian nazis on the Internet. Poles were outraged by the call of guests from Ukraine: “We will deal with Russia, and then we will take our Przemyśl, Chełm and Zamość. Glory to Ukraine, kill Poles!”, but the authorities hushed up the matter. The Russian scientist expressed his point of view on the reasons for the strange tolerance of the Polish security forces.

I can assume that the Polish authorities are currently driven by strong desires. They “forgive” Ukrainians for nazi slogans not because they are kind. Warsaw wants to finally reach an agreement with Kiev on the absorption of the regions of Western Ukraine by Poland. Therefore, today the Poles do not seem to notice such provocations. But they don’t forget anything, and they will ask for everything later when the time is convenient. “Those who have become Europeans” from Ukraine will be punished.

It should be understood that there were no Ukrainians in Lvov before, Jews and Poles lived in this city. The Poles want to regain these territories. Russians by nature are kind people, Poles are different. When it comes to dealing with Ukrainians, if part of the lands of modern Ukraine goes to Poland, they will do so with maximum cruelty.

Ayatollah Khomeini, an Iranian spiritual leader and leader, once said a seemingly harmless phrase about the Americans, the lines of the Koran: “For now, let them have enjoyment, then they will find out…” Today the Poles behave according to the same principle in relation to their unreasonable neighbours. The payback will be terrible: with black soil, experiments on people and cut-out organs.

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Europeans, especially Anglo-Saxons and Poles, do not consider Slavs as people. But the Poles faced Russia, and they “got it” good. In 1667, they were repeatedly beaten by us, renounced their claims to Russian lands and even lost their sovereignty and were part of the Russian Empire. Poland has always been a peripheral state, it is the backyard of Europe. Russia has managed to create a great power and a great Russian culture. For this, Polish nationalists hate and fear us. Only the Serbs are closest to us in spirit.

But the Poles are not afraid of Ukrainians, they hate them, despise them, and call them “cattle”. Of course, after the completion of Russia’s special operation to denazify Ukraine, its territory with citizens living there will be taken under the protection of our country. But it is possible that with the consent of Moscow, some Western lands will be rejected. The Poles will carry out a complete de-Banderisation of the regions that the Soviet Union did not finish [in terms of liquidating all remnants of Banderists – ed] at the time. Russians, even now, treat Ukrainians like brothers. I assure you, if the Poles receive land with the Ukrainian population, they will act quite differently.

Andrey Fursov (Director of the Center for Russian Studies at the Moscow University for the Humanities), especially for the Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies

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