Andrey Vadjra: About Some of the Fruits of Putin’s Governance…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A new “betrayal”. Oliver Stone filmed a documentary about Vladimir Putin. The cult American director was fond of the personality of the Russian President. It sounds scandalous. Why wasn’t Stone interested in the first black leader of the United States? Especially since he is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. (Probably, for the organisation of a bloody massacre in Syria.) But Obama is uninteresting to the legendary director. While Putin …

As the producer Igor Lopatenok – living in the United States for a long time – report, “the new movie of Oliver Stone is very extensive and interesting work. Filming was already completed, the tape is being edited, but when he will appear on the wide screens is for now a big secret. I can say one thing for sure: the film will please the audience, in particular, I believe, an American audience”.

Oliver Stone spoke about his plans to shoot documentary film about the Russian President already in 2014. Thus, he stated that he dreams to personally interview Vladimir Putin. He spoke about this to the President of Russia during a meeting at an event devoted to the memory of the writer, actor, and the director Vasily Shukshin.

For me personally it will be very interesting to see Putin through the eyes of Stone. After all, I grew up on his movies. And in addition, he is a shrewd psychologist and also a big name in world cinema.

It isn’t difficult to foresee the reaction of brainwashed Ukrainians, Russian liberals, and simply paid trolls. They react to the word “Putin” like sharks to blood. They will squeal, curse, and shout that I am a “kremlin bot”, a corrupt scumbag, and so on.

Why? Because in certain circles it is impossible to speak about Putin neutrally, and more so – to say good things. There it is only possible to hiss and to spray saliva about him. For a certain category of individuals he is a universal existential evil, a fiend. Attempts have long been made to accustom ordinary people in Russia and Ukraine to have hatred in relation to Vladimir Vladimirovich; to turn this hatred into a reflex. And huge investments are made in cultivating this hatred. But already this in itself makes the Russian President more respected.

However, he can be respected not only for this. Having read information about Stone’s documentary, I decided to dig into the facts that directly concern the results of the activity of Putin in his leading positions. In fact, any person can be evaluated by their fruits.

You remember how it is written in the Gospel of Matthew?

“By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit”.

So what fruits were borne by Vladimir Vladimirovich? I will honestly say that what I saw impressed me very much. Especially after long protracted ruin in Ukraine, which I directly observed for more than 20 years, and the Ukrainian Presidents, the names of who the courts and tribunals cry with big tears. Including international ones.

Only facts. And nothing but facts. And I spit on the yelling of the finished idiotic fighters against Putin…

Putin received Russia from Yeltsin’s hands in its most difficult years. The financial and economic catastrophe that the liberal reforms led the country to was followed by the most severe political crisis, which was smoothly turning into civil war. The disintegration of industry and agriculture, total poverty, degeneration, degradation, extinction of the population … In fact, in 2000 Russia found itself on the verge of its territorial disintegration.

And enter Putin. I remember how back then Gusinsky’s NTV (a torch of freedom of speech of liberal Russia) scoffed at him. Vladimir Vladimirovich was shown in the “Kukly” program as a stupid and helpless juvenile successor to the throne lost in the huge Winter Palace. Apparently, he doesn’t know anything, doesn’t understand anything, can’t do anything. Hahahaha – look how ridiculous he is.

And what? 16 years passed …

We will begin with finance and the economy.

In 2000 the income of Yeltsin’s federal budget was 1,132,000,000,000 rubles, and in 2015 it reached 14,767,000,000,000 rubles. I.e., in 15 years of Putin governance the State budget of Russia increased 13-fold!

We will go further. We will see what happened during this time to the gross domestic product of Russia.

For those who isn’t aware, a short reference: gross internal product (GDP) and purchasing power parity (PPP) reflects the total cost of all final goods and services made inside the country.

So, in 2000, after the liberal mess, according to the World Bank, the GDP of the Russian Federation on PPP equaled $973,000,000,000 dollars, and in 2015 it totalled $3,471,000,000. I.e., in 15 years of Putin’s governance the GDP of Russia increased 3.5-fold, having found itself in the seventh place in the world!

But there is also GDP per capita over PPP. It represents the cost of all goods and services made by residents of the country, divided by the total of these inhabitants.

According to the data of the World Bank, GDP of Russia per capita over PPP in international dollars at the current price level in 2000 was 6,838, and 2014 it reached 25,636. I.e., in 14 years of Putin’s governance the GDP of Russia per capita increased almost fourfold!

We go even further. Let’s see how the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia changed.

In 2000, the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia totalled $12,000,000,000 (it is the amount that Ukraine now has thanks to IMF credits). And in 2014 they reached the level of $537,000,000,000. I.e., in 14 years of Putin’s governance the gold and foreign exchange reserves increased almost 45-fold! And only owing to the financial and economic war unleashed by the West against Russia in 2016 they were reduced to $392,000,000,000.

And what happened to the external national debt of the Russian Federation?

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If in the liberal 2000 the external national debt of Russia reached $159,000,000,000, in 2016 it totalled only $50,000,000,000. I.e., in sixteen years of Putin’s governance the national debt of Russia decreased threefold!

And what happened during this period to the Russian economy?

During the years of Putin’s governance (from 2000 to 2014) industrial production in Russia grew by 50%, and was almost completely modernised.

According to the research of the Awara Group, from 2000 to 2012 the share of income from the export of natural resources (oil, gas, coal, minerals, and wood) in GDP decreased more than twice (from 44.5% to 18.7%).

In the first half of the noughties the volume of the Russian export of production that isn’t mineral raw materials started growing at increasing rates in relation to oil and gas export.

How the structure of the non-primary export of Russia was changing since 2000 can be seen in the graph.

It isn’t difficult to notice that during the years of Putin’s governance Russian non-primary export increased more than twofold. Since 2014, non-primary export exceeded raw export not only in speed of growth, but also in the volumes in dollars (in 8 months of 2015 the volume of non-primary export totalled $127,000,000,000, raw export – $107,500,000,000).

In 2014 the contribution of Russian export of non-primary goods to the GDP of the country totalled 13.9%, and the contribution of the export of raw materials to the GDP was 12.8%. If to compare this ratio to countries with a similar structure of export, then, for example, in Norway the contribution of export of non-primary goods to GDP is 11.7%, and raw export – 16.9%. In Australia the contribution of raw export – 9.2%, and non-primary – 7.3%. Of course, it is clear that the volume of processing or the added value of the Russian non-primary goods is insufficient, but, anyway, the structure of export of Russia from the point of view of balancing raw and non-primary export continuously improves.

And in this graph the levels of growth of Russian non-primary export is presented.

Russian non-primary export annually grows in physical volumes – about 6% per year. Thus, the current recession of export in terms of money is connected to the reduction of prices of raw materials.

For weapons exports in 2015 Russia came in second place in the world (27% of the world market), after the US (29% of the world market). However, it is necessary to take into account that within the past year Russia for the first time earned on the export of food more than on the sale of weapons (the export of agricultural products brought to the country $16,000,000,000, and deliveries of arms – $14,500,000,000), having reached first place in the world for the export of grain.

In general, from 2000 to 2013 Russian export grew fivefold, from $106,000,000,000 to $527,300,000,000. And only the financial and economic war launched by the West against Russia squeezed Russian export in 2015 to $333,500,000,000.

As a rule, liberals and the brainwashed, ignoring the facts, squeal in chorus that Russia is enriched only thanks to oil and gas. And if it had no natural resources, it in general wouldn’t have anything.

In this regard I have a counter question: and what stopped Yeltsin’s liberal, pro-Western, correct Russia to be enriched thanks to oil and gas? Where did the hundreds of billions of dollars from the sale of oil and gas in the 90’s of the last century disappear to?

Now, concerning the favourite Western liberal idea that Russia lives solely thanks to oil and gas.

In March, 2016, the share of oil and gas in the consolidated income of the budget of the Russian Federation as of the end of February was 21% (don’t confuse the consolidated budget with the federal budget). It clearly demonstrates that in reality the Russian economy is sufficiently diversified and possesses other sources of income in conditions of falling oil prices.

And this is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s merit. And let the liberal brainwashed trolls rage about it. I, personally, spit on it. Because facts are first and foremost!

We go further again.

During Putin’s governance, the total figure for taxation in Russia became one of the lowest among the developed countries of the world, having totalled 29.5%. And if to subtract taxes from oil and gas, it will be even smaller.

Now, concerning Russian salaries.

The average salary in liberal pro-Western Russia in 2000 was $78.9 US. And in June, 2016, it reached $600.5. I.e., in 16 years of Putin’s governance the average salary in Russia grew 7.6-fold.

How did the financial and economic successes of Putin’s Russia reflect on the Russian people? In the most direct way.

In 2015, the absolute record in Russia for average life expectancy for all the history of the country, including the Soviet period, was beaten. The average life expectancy in Russia reached 71.4 years. For men – 65.9 years, for women – 76.7, and these indicators continue to grow.

Thus, in 2010 Russia entered in the number of leaders in increased life expectancy – from 188 countries it took 4th place. Such results were achieved also thanks to an essential decline in mortality from the main causes, and also to a decrease in infant and maternal mortality – a record for Russia.

Now, concerning the dynamics of mortality and birth rates in Russia for the last 15 years. Here is how they look on a graph.

It isn’t difficult to notice that after the terrible demographic hole of the 90’s, which was dug out by liberals together with their western curators, mortality in Russia gradually started decreasing, and the birth rate started to grow. Now two of these indicators are in an unstable balance. But anyway, this trend is positive.

Besides this, according to the report of the International Organization For Migration, at the moment Russia takes third place in the world for the number of migrants. According to official figures, 11.9 million migrants live in Russia. The US is in first place (46.6 million migrants) and Germany is in second place (12 million migrants).

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What does this mean? It means that Russia became an attractive country for foreigners. A fish looks for where it is deeper, and a human – where it’s better. This is understood better in the example of my Ukrainian compatriots. After all, at the moment about 4 million citizens of Ukraine live and work in Russia.

No country can live quietly and intensively develop if its security isn’t guaranteed and if doesn’t have any political influence. A powerful army is the guarantor of the trade and economic interests of the country beyond its limits, and it means that the army is one of the most important elements of its prosperity. Richness can’t be created without guns.

Liberals like very much to criticise Russia for pacifism, for surrendering its position in the international arena, calling it an extremely militarised country, but at this time they are silent about what army their idol – the United States of America – has, and how many expansionist and predatory wars the US has conducted during the years of its existence.

Understanding the extreme importance of military force in the modern world that is bleeding profusely, Vladimir Putin began the three-stage complex modernisation and rearmament of all types of military forces of Russia, which should end by 2020. These stages assume: an increase in the professionalism of the military via the modernisation of education and the optimisation of its structure; an increase in the fighting capacity with an updated command structure and a wider range of training; and also the rearmament and modernisation of equipment – the full replacement of military arsenals of the Soviet era with Russian hi-tech weapons.

By the end of 2016 the level of modernisation of the army and fleet of the Russian Federation reached 50%. Earlier in 2016 the military personnel of Russia already essentially raised the level of professionalism, having received ultra-modern military equipment and arms, some of which have no analogs in the West.

The events of 2014 in Crimea, and now the Russian military operation in Syria visually testify to this. The efficiency of “polite people” on the peninsula and the power of the Russian Air Force in Syria threw the western analysts into shock. Even the US President was compelled to recognise in 2016 that in terms of force the army of the Russian Federation is second in the world, and the American military experts came to the conclusion that in terms of some types of arms the West already lags behind Russia.

In September, 2016, the International military and technical forum “Army-2016” took place. Representatives of more than 80 countries of the world worked at the fields of the forum, 35 of which represented official delegations. Delegations from 13 States were represented by heads of military departments, another 22 delegations were headed by Chiefs of General Staffs and Deputy Ministers of Defense. The total number of guests as a part of military delegations exceeded 260 people. The number of visitors of the forum exceeded 500,000, which surpasses many analog world platforms on this theme.

Here, for example, is how at this forum the Russian soldier of the near future looked…

The enemies of Russia felt a shock that was no smaller also in the sphere of international relations. As western experts recognised, attempt to isolate Putin’s Russia only led to the strengthening of its geopolitical influence.

“For a while after Crimea, talk in the west was of Russian isolation, painful U.S. and European sanctions ramming home the consequences for Moscow of violating international rules. But Russia appears to have staged a comeback on the global stage, transforming itself into a power the G20 simply can’t ignore even if they wanted to,” recently stated the senior international correspondent of CNN Matthew Chance.

The continuous growth of the geopolitical influence of Russia is caused by the growth of its financial-economic potential, intensive technological and military development, and also a weighed and thought over foreign policy. The result of 16 years of Putin’s governance became the inability of the West to solve without Russia any important world problem. And both the US and Europe are compelled to openly recognise it.

Some in the world are afraid of Russia, some hates it, and some respect it. But everyone is obliged to reckon with it henceforth.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, the presidential rating of Vladimir Putin is absolutely natural. It – a consequence of human ability to distinguish good from the bad.

In March of 2016, according to the poll of WCIOM, 74% of Russians were ready to vote for Putin at presidential elections. In July, 2016, according to the poll of the “Levada Center”, 82% of the Russian citizens approved of the activity of the Russian President Vladimir Putin as the President of Russia. On December 24th, 2015, WCIOM reported that the level of approval of the work of Putin as the Russian President has remained at a ultra-high level (86-89%) for one and a half years.

Of course, Russian liberals and their western curators don’t believe in such the president of Russia having such a high rating. From their point of view, such a rating doesn’t make sense. And even if it’s a fact, then it is just the consequence of Putin’s propaganda and the brainwashing of naive citizens.

However, the deliriousness of such liberal statements is obvious against the background of those achievements of Russia, which it was able to achieve under the leadership of the current Russian President. People’s support for Putin is the result of his 16-year efforts as the head of State. No propaganda could maintain people’s support for the president for so long at such a high level. Reality causes any lie to collapse sooner or later. Ukraine is a striking example.

I understand that my words sound rather pathetic and laudatory, but they are based exclusively on facts. Moreover – obvious facts. If to proceed from the results of the 16-year activity of Putin as President and Prime Minster, it is worth recognising that he made a feat. Liberals and the brainwashed will stage a parade of hatred, sarcasm, and irony concerning this statement, but Vladimir Vladimirovich is worthy of the words that I say about him. Without any doubt, it already entered Russian history as an outstanding statesman of the end of the 20th-beginning of the 21st century!

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Frankly speaking, it is unusual for me to write something like that about someone. I’m not used to praising someone. Especially after 15 years of observing the destruction of Ukraine by its presidents. But I will admit honestly, during all these years I lacked a leader who can be trusted and who can be respected sincerely.

Yes, Putin isn’t faultless. He also makes mistakes. It is characteristic for any person. And Russia is not the ideal country. It has many problems and enough shortcomings. But do ideal countries exist?

For me, the most important thing about Putin is that, despite mistakes and miscalculations, he purposefully moves towards established objectives, overcoming all obstacles on the way. And unlike many of his western colleagues (I won’t say anything in general about the so-called Ukrainian politicum), he learns from mistakes in a remarkable way. This is very important, and in our times it is a very rare quality for a statesman to have.

In Putin’s Russia for me the most important thing is that, despite its huge size, problems, and shortcomings, it develops in the most intensive way, gradually overcoming its size, problems, and shortcomings. It principally differs from Ukraine, which has been dying for 25 years.

In modern Russia the fact that it has a huge number of achievements that allow its citizens to be proud of its country and its President is important. It is what Ukrainians, the brainwashed part of which now shouts in chorus “glory to Ukraine” is completely deprived of. Glory to what? What can “independent” Ukraine be proud of? What did it achieve in 25 years of independence?

But it is Russian liberals who caused even more disgust inside of me. I have a feeling that it is some mental anomaly of Russian society. It’s like a modernised version of Smerdyakov’s behaviour, fiercely hating Russia and its people, dreaming of their destruction in the name of some sick ideas and insane psychophysiological inclinations.

All of Russian liberalism, presenting itself as an alternative to Putin’s Russia, is completely impregnated with misanthropic, suicidal, defeatist intensions. Moreover, in the center of this mental anomaly there is a dream about the defeat of Russia, and ideally – about its extermination. From the point of view of Russian liberals, Russia and its people are so bad that they are worthy only of a pathetic existence under the supervision of the West, and ideally – death and oblivion.

The other day on Facebook I came across a typical example of liberal thinking, in the form of a sweet dream about the total self-destructive surrender of Russia.

Here is what a certain Aleksander Tverskoy imagines the most optimum algorithm for the actions of Russia in the conditions of the coming to power of the Russian liberals to be…

“Let’s withdraw troops from Ukraine, let’s make an announcement that we don’t need Donetsk and Lugansk, let them stop looking back at us. We have enough of this type at home. Let’s compensate material losses.

Let’s give back Crimea, and recognise that the referendum was void and illegal; that international law was violated, and in general behaved very badly. Let’s compensate material losses.

Let’s withdraw troops from Syria, and recognise that all of this was a mistake; that, of course, terrorism is bad, but we completely misunderstood something in Syria. It’s better if we interact with the starving population.

Let’s put on the table and attentively re-read along with the whole country the Constitution and the international convention on human rights. Let’s recite and start implementing these entertaining documents in real life.

Let’s carry out lustration. Let’s publicly condemn the Soviet regime and open all archives.

Let’s bury Lenin. At the funeral we will play something from Rammstein and stage a disco.

Let’s avert by the effort of will our watchful, condemning, and ardent look in relation to European migrants and gays. Let’s remember with surprise that half of our country doesn’t have access to gas and that there is a need to do something about it.

We will suddenly realise that nobody plans to attack us, and that everyone is only glad that we push ourselves aside from the rest of the world. We will sell two-thirds of our tanks and invest it in the science, education, medicine, and social spheres.

We will banish the Patriarch from all saunas, banyas, and the main TV channels and take away his Mercedes and body guard. We will dig a huge ditch with alligators  inside between the church and the authorities.

We will amnesty all political prisoners and put in their place those who put them there.

We finish the usual nonsense with parades, memorial events, fireworks displays, and ostentatious celebrations at the slightest pretext. We will live modestly, and we will construct roads and learn to be people.

And only then, approximately 20 years later the outline of something will start appearing”.

And what will start appearing after this? After all, it is obvious what will appear – the ugly face of liberal genocide. After this, again the “glorious” 90’s, with all this Smerdyakov’s horror of self-destruction will appear, which Russia has purposefully been leaving for already 16 years.

It is indeed a real alternative to Putin’s Russia? No, this is simply Russian liberalism of the brain. It is like homosexuality – inherent in a certain category of individuals owing to their congenital mental features. And that’s why it can’t be fully treated and is inclined to relapse.

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