Andrey Zolotarev: Ukraine Has Lost More People During Peacetime Than During World War II

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In comment to “”, the head of the “Third Sector” analytical center Andrey Zolotarev explained why the Ukrainian authorities don’t want to conduct a population census.

The political scientist said that without having exact data on the population it is impossible to be engaged in economic planning.

According to him, if Groysman didn’t raise this question, then it would be raised by oppositional politicians during the presidential and parliamentary elections — they will say that the authorities don’t have the political will to make this step, that they are afraid of the truth and are engaged in speculating on dead souls [counting deceased people as “alive” – ed].

“The money that is taken from the State budget is taken based on the calculation that the population is more than 42 million, but in reality there are fewer people. There is speculation with dead souls — the volume of social assistance, and others. I.e., at the top level (The Cabinet of Ministers and the ministries) there most likely will be speculation with dead souls. In the law on carrying out a census the list of formulations is clearly defined. But taking into account the fact that the President dreams of a united local church, a bullet point on religion can be included in questionnaires. And also about nationality — in order to show that Ukraine is a monoethnic country,” reported the analyst.

Zolotarev considers that the current leaders of the Ukrainian State don’t dare to appoint a population census because they want to hide the truth from the people. After all, the country has lost more citizens in peace time than for all the years of World War II.

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The expert also noted that Ukrainians leave their country forever, because they don’t link all their talents and prospects with Ukraine. And demographic recessions and tendencies of globalisation have nothing to do with it — the “agrarian superstate” simply can’t offer anything to its citizens.

“Take, for example, shipbuilding. If there is an investor wishing to restore the Nikolaev shipyards, they simply won’t find experts in the country who will use their money is a good way. And experts work in Russia, South Korea, and somewhere else. In the same way we will lose professionals in the aviation industry, in aircraft engine production, rocket production, the automotive industry (10 years ago we produced 400,000 cars per year, last year — only 7,000 cars),” predicted the political expert.

On April 18th the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman reported on Twitter that in the near future a population census will be carried out in the country.

“It is necessary to prepare for a population census. These calculations will help us understand the real situation in the country, the problems of development, the use of resources. It is necessary to do it as fast as possible,” he reported.

Also at a meeting on April 18th the Cabinet of Ministers supported the draft of the resolution on the creation of an Interdepartmental commission on questions of assisting the carrying out of an All-Ukrainian population census.

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According to Gosstat, at the end of 2017 the population of Ukraine was 42,307,656 people [this is a false figure – the real figure is ~35 million – ed]. In 2017 the population of Ukraine decreased by approximately 154,562 people. Considering that the population of Ukraine at the beginning of a year was estimated at 42,462,218 people, the annual change is -0.36%.

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