Anniversary of the Beginning of Euromaidan: I Was There, I Remember

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Maksim Ravreba

1. There were two Euromaidans.

2. Euromaidan-1 was disbanded on 29th November 2013.

3. On 30th November 2013, on the night of November 30th-December 1st, no student, child or teenager was beaten up on the Khreshchatyk.

4. Euromaidan-2 was organized by the U.S. Embassy and began on 1st December 2013.

5. Neither on 1st December 2013 or ever did the supporters of Euromaidan on Khreshchatyk amount to 1 million.

6. Euromaidan was a paid event using supporters and foreign money. The participants were paid.

7. On Euromaidan there were caches of weapons and explosive laboratories long before the “first blood”.

8. Euromaidan was carried out purposefully for the overthrow of Yanukovych.

9. The command was in the U.S. Embassy, and all embassies of EU, US, and countries of the British Commonwealth provided cover.

10. London and Warsaw were points for the evacuation of activists of Euromaidan in case of danger.

11. During Euromaidan intelligence services of friendly-to-it countries conducted the physical elimination of activists and provocations.

12. Dmitry Bulatov wasn’t kidnapped, nor tortured or held hostage. A fragment of his ear lobe had been removed at the clinic of Vilnius.

13. Tatyana Chornovil was beaten by passengers of the car that she hit with her car and tried to escape, but she claimed that she it was ordered personally by Yanukovych.

14. Each Friday, PR managers of Euromaidan were preparing demonstrative provocations, which were to later show the brutality and lawlessness of the authorities.

15. In the middle of the week, Euromaidan always was empty. From weekend to weekend, there were activists on duty in shifts for a fee.

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16. The medical warehouse of Euromaidan received from volunteers drugs worth millions of dollars was stolen immediately after the coup and sold in drugstores by the leadership of Euromaidan.

17. At Euromaidan illegal armed formations were organised, and the training of militants and terrorists took place.

18. Nigoyan and Zhiznevsky were eliminated by activists of Euromaidan.

19. On 18th February, 2014, Euromaidan undertook two armed assaults on the government district and Rada building.

20. On 20th February, 2014, Euromaidan activists shot the heavenly hundred and members of the police. Foreign instructors from Georgia, the Baltic States, Poland, and the United States commanded them.


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