Another Failed Campaign For Navalny

Well, the failure of the campaign for Navalny is not that unexpected, but still quite logical.

Navalny‘s supporters are becoming fewer and fewer. If it wasn’t for the story of his alleged poisoning, he would have been reduced almost to zero. But this story did not lead to an exponential increase in popularity, at least to the level of 2017. The main reason here is that:

Navalny’s betrayal and his calls for sanctions against Russia turned 99% of those who were not indifferent, who were sick of the soul for the country, those who were “offended by the authorities”, away from him. It’s impossible to associate with a traitor to the Motherland. To make it clearer, I will draw an analogy: even if you do not like the Red Army, to fight for Vlasov is to fight against Russia.

The liberal enemies of Russia, their servants and the local jackals, gritting their teeth, supported the rally and started to stoke for Navalny. Some puked, but still called for everyone to come. And some, like the tanned holiday-maker Chichvarkin or his current patron Khodorkovsky, and even, I can assume, bought themselves a little Navalny. So, some vomited, and some stoked for their toy. And their local clientele took a salute. But not very willingly. As a result, patriotic people who were once supporters of Navalny, when they saw who exactly was stoking for him, turned away from the Berlin patient.

The children did not come. I don’t know if they were smarter than the young people in their 20s and 30s who still came to the rally, but the important thing is that, in fact, if we look more closely, we will see that there are not very many young people. And if we look even more closely, we will see many familiar faces from liberal rallies. Older and middle-aged people. Democratic schizos.

Thus, neither the thousands of posts bought for on Tik Tok, nor the 50 million views of the video about someone’s sanatorium in Gelendzhik, could not deceive the children. And young people. No one could be deceived, that’s all. There were those who have been going to all such events for two decades, and who would have met an Abrams with carnations on the streets of the capital. And the mentally ill came. And the purchased Tik Tokers and YouTubers did not fool the people and did not bring them to the streets.

The people are smarter than the western puppeteers, as well as Navalny and his curators, think they are.

Nevertheless, if the state lets off all the scoundrels who dreamed of bringing children to the streets and staging provocations (and they, by the way, took place en masse on Pushkinskaya Street), so, if the state let off all these jackals, it will be very, very bad.

Pavel Danilin

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