Another Fire in Greater Russia is Being Kindled

Maia Grigoriyevna Sandu has not yet assumed the office of President of Moldova, but she already openly explains what her election will lead to. In an interview with the newspaper “Ukrainskaya Pravda”, now renamed to “Evropeyskaya Pravda”, but just as anti-Russian and deceitful as before, she called it almost the third world.

Quote: “Crimea is a part of Ukraine. I respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine over Crimea. I talked about this when I was Prime Minister, and I assure you that I will say exactly the same when I become president.”

I translate in plain text: Sandu, who calls herself a champion of European values, does not care about the will of citizens, even in the most explicit format – including the Crimean referendum. As the current EU politicians are sure: democracy is not the rule of the people, but of minorities, and the smaller the minority, the better it is. And the recalcitrant majority can be destroyed physically.

I quote the same Sandu: “By the way, perhaps our experience in Transnistria will be useful for Ukraine. For example, the fact that Moldova has chosen a soft approach …” And then: “We signed more than 300 documents on the resolution of the conflict and so on. But despite all these steps, they have not come to anything yet. And this experience of ours can be useful for Ukraine to take into account concerning actions vis-a-vis Donbass”.

I explain in plain text: the Russian – including Ukrainian – majority of the inhabitants of Transnistria do not want European Moldovans to put it on the Romanian dining table. That is why it separated from the right-bank politicians. Sandu does not even hint in an interview, but says without hesitation: withdraw the peacekeepers as soon as possible, and we will arrange our own Karabakh for Tiraspol. I.e., she intends to use the army against Transnistria. And she advises the Kiev terrorists to do the same.

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I warn you in plain text: if someone today declares adherence to Western European or North American values, talks about human rights all the time – this is a sure sign that soon they will speak out in such a cannibalistic spirit that there will be hell to pay. THESE “freedom fighters” simply offer to bleed dissenters and easily take away from those who trust them not only the wallet, but also their life.

Anatoly Wasserman

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