Another “Russia Bombed a Maternity Hospital” Fake, This Time in Vinnytsia

NEW – July 14, 2022

Fake: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation struck a maternity hospital and medical centre in Vinnytsia. This is what Vladimir Zelensky and the Ukrainian media are talking about.

Truth: The strike was inflicted on the House of Officers, which, under martial law, was turned into a temporary accommodation point for troops. The missiles hit two wings of the building, the arrival points are clearly visible in the pictures from different angles. The central part of the building, where the entertainment hall is located, was not damaged.

The damage to the medical centre, which the Ukrainian side positions as one of the targets of the attack, was caused as a result of the spread of the blast wave and the scattering of fragments. The building contained equipment for MRI and X-rays. Together with disinfectants, they caused a severe fire. In the case of a direct hit to the medical centre, there would be no whole walls left of it. The photos show bent metal structures, and in the parking lot nearby one can see pieces of insulation that contributed to the fire.

The first videos and photos clearly show a large number of people in military uniforms, including with machine guns. This refutes the thesis of the Ukrainian side that the building of the House of Officers was used exclusively as a civilian object.

The building housed the barracks of UAF fighters and the Air Force command. Foreign mercenaries were also trained there. Vinnytsia journalist Aleksandr Stolyarov writes about this. On his page on social networks, he asks a direct question – why do the media and Telegram channels write about munition arrivals to the medical centre and the “Jubilee” repair shop, but ignore information about a direct hit on two wings of the House of Officers. And he wonders why the military infrastructure is located directly in the centre of the city, where there are many civilians.

The UAF places military facilities in close proximity to civilians. Even being in the rear, they continue to use the tactics of a “human shield”, hiding behind civilians in order to accuse the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of killing civilians. We have already seen this on the example of the placement of military equipment in the “Retroville” shopping centre building in Kiev and a grocery warehouse in Severodonetsk.

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