Another “Victim” of the “Putin Regime”

It would seem that Russia is an immense country! It occupies a good ninth of the Earth, and 146 million people live in the whole diversity of regions. Although the overall economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic has been markedly smoothed out, a sufficient percentage of people find themselves in a critical or simply dire financial situation.

“Navalny’s typical electorate:

‘I quit my job’;
‘I myself haven’t entered the job centre in six months’;
‘I myself picked up the credits’;
‘My husband doesn’t work’;
‘The government owes us’.”

But every time the fighters for all the good try to demonstrate to the young people what terrible and totalitarian future awaits them under the current authorities, they do not make proposals to the real victims, they find examples among the closest associates or people that hardly need help.

I have already written about the “victims of the regime”, who tearfully asked people to sign the petition of the founding father of the Anti-corruption Foundation [Navalny – ed]. But a month has already passed, and the number of signatures is still lacking, and people have stopped falling for the pleas of grief-stricken entrepreneurs and other lovers of freebies. That’s why the lawyers-investigators strained themselves, ran one more time through the notebook, and finally found the right person:

Meet Yana Gaidai. A person who suffered the most from “Putin’s repression”. Her story is capable of reaching the depth of the soul of even the most callous person, causing a whole flurry of emotions. But these emotions, contrary to the expectations of the Navalny Headquarters in Moscow, are different from empathy or sympathy. They are expressed in bouts of uncontrollable laughter and rage because of the brainwashing that she endured.

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Yana is the mother of two children. At the moment she was left unemployed and without the opportunity to go even to work. There is no money or food for the kids. And she has to pay for her apartment and then for her loan! And the only thing that this “terrible authoritarian state” was able to offer Yana was 1,500 rubles…

It would seem the story is simple. All the elements are in place: children are starving, and the apartment is not paid for, and the credit burden hangs from the neck of a fragile girl… Well, how it is possible to screw up such a propaganda template?

It’s very easy. The lawyers-investigators probably needed to observe the timing for more than 100 seconds, so under the mournful music we are shown the procession of Yana down an alley, diluted with languid speeches about the unbearable conditions that Putin has placed her in.

It was immediately found out that Gaidai left work back in September. Having worked for 16 years, she decided that the workload did not correspond to the salary, and it also increases. This problem is, certainly, widespread. So how did Yana solve it?

She didn’t do anything. For six months, she made no attempt to find a new job. And only when the coronavirus pandemic broke out did Yana learn about the promised unemployment benefits, and decided to turn to the job centre to get free cash. But since the desire to take from the state can hardly be classed as a consequence of the epidemic of the coronavirus infection, the young lady who wants to outwit everyone around remained at the broken trough, with the prescribed 1,500 rubles.

But as is usual, Yana left the strongest arguments for the end: her eldest daughter wanted to enter university for free [i.e., the state funds the student’s studies – ed]. But she failed. And… that’s all. Not because there wasn’t enough money. Not because the coronavirus thwarted the girl’s plans. Not because the “tyrant Putin” robbed her of her exam results. Gaidai just decided to say that last year her daughter didn’t enter university for free. Therefore, we need to sign Navalny’s petition.

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Oh, yeah, I forgot. Yana’s husband is also unemployed. And he has little more money than his unfortunate wife. After briefly mentioning her younger daughter, Gaidai ended her confession with the following words, waving her hands in an absurd manner:

“I think that the ‘5 steps’ program must be supported. You need not be afraid, you need to sign, you need to go, talk, ask. But we must not remain silent. We need to stick together. You can’t remain quiet.”

Interesting conclusion. While me, I believe that the opposition and all media loyal to it should be immediately banned and expelled from Russia as unnecessary persons. After all, if in Putin’s Russia a family of 4 unemployed people is able to live for six months, while looking tidy and well-maintained, then it is the greatest country in history. And anyone who tries to hinder Putin is opposed to all of mankind.

But unfortunately, the story told by Yana is crocodile tears. I understand it’s hard to believe, but the woman in the video is not such a poor and unhappy beggar, but a well-off dancer:

4 months after leaving work and losing her main source of income (according to legend), Gaidai had quite a good time at the concert of a popular singer:

And on April 2nd, when quarantine restrictions were in effect for a week, the desperate girl called on everyone to develop a “positive perception”, to notice and rejoice in pleasant little things. Apparently, it was about a payment of 1,500, for which she had to support her freeloader husband and two daughters…

Why am I describing all this? Everyone earns money in accordance with their capabilities. If Yana Gaidai decided to take a penny from the fighters for all good, having recorded a tearful video for them, then so be it. Let it be on her conscience. I have a question for the fighters themselves.

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There are indeed people in Russia who, due to circumstances, found themselves without money. Why, instead of outright lies and manipulation, can’t you spend a little of your certainly precious time searching for these people? After all, then you could at least use in a positive way all the nasty propaganda you’re making. To help, for example, a person who found themselves in a difficult situation.

But it’s complicated, I understand. It’s much easier to persuade people loyal to your office, pay them a symbolic amount, and ask them to record a two-minute campaign. And the person who is really in trouble in reality deeply spits on all the attempts of the fraudster Navanly to declare himself and collect signatures under his daub on the Internet.

Beseduyushchiy Grazhdanin (Zen Yandex)

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