Anthropogenic COVID: What Threats Do US Bio-Laboratories Pose?

The threat of a new pandemic after overcoming COVID-19 is possible as long as American biological laboratories continue to operate around the world. This conclusion was reached by experts during the IV international conference “US biological laboratories: threats to the world community”, organised by “Ridus” and “Public News Service”.

Grigor Grigoryan, an expert in zoonotic diseases, said that the whole world, which is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, forgets that COVID-19 is just the consequences of targeted actions to identify, select and study the properties of new virus strains.

“No one guarantees that after overcoming the coronavirus, there will not be any new infection. After all, in order to stop the infection, there is a need to do it in its epicentre, where it comes out and spreads,” emphasised the expert.

Today, only naive or biased people will dare to claim that the new coronavirus infection is not man-made. There is abundant indirect evidence that this virus was produced by directed RNA recombination and ectodomain replacement in the spike protein. And coronaviruses, as is evidenced by lots of data, are of particular interest to those who are engaged in the development and accumulation of biological weapons,” said Grigoryan.

“The new coronavirus did not appear in 2019. The appearance of COVID-19 was preceded by the legend of its appearance,” the expert continued. “Since 2007, even earlier, work has already been carried out on directed RNA recombination of various viruses, and no one paid attention to it.”

Grigoryan recalled that the Chinese expert virologist Shi Zhengli, whose group was engaged in developments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has been conducting these developments since 2007. “There is data and publications that should have aroused at least the suspicions of the intelligence agencies of countries that are concerned about their biological safety,” the expert recalled.

As soon as this “coronavirus psychosis” began on January 23rd, suddenly this group of Shi Zhengli published [information] that in 2012, mutations of the strain were isolated from Chinese bats. Immediately, another group of Chinese scientists appeared and began to exaggerate the topic and provide data on the coronavirus among pangolins, which, as it turned out, were confiscated by the Chinese customs service, and so on. This legend was built in order to then prove that the new virus allegedly originated in nature.

Grigoryan drew the attention of the conference participants to the fact that virologist Shi Zhengli and other groups of Chinese virologists worked in a project funded by USAID: “Everyone started looking for the culprit, but it was just necessary to follow the logic of scientific work on directed RNA recombination in order to change the species pathogenicity of the pathogen. After all, these studies pose a potential threat to humanity.”

Earlier, “Ridus” reported that the US owns approximately 400 military bacteriological laboratories located in 25 countries, including Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Researchers working in these organisations are engaged in the study and modification of various viruses for possible use in combat.

According to Grigoryan, it will not be possible to bring these laboratories to account by diplomatic and legal methods: as soon as the work on creating a mechanism for monitoring biological safety is launched, all possible documents and evidence will disappear from all laboratories in Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Armenia, and any information that could even indirectly indicate something questionable will disappear.

“These laboratories employ people who are loyal to their employers. And at the slightest risk that this information may fall into the hands of specialists of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), where Russia plays a leading role, all the data will simply disappear, it will be impossible to find anything. However, it may be possible to prevent further developments after the fact. But what has already been done, including with regard to the new coronavirus infection, experiments with strains and serovars of pathogens such as leptospirosis, anthrax, brucellosis, and plague, will simply be impossible to find,” assured the expert.

Grigoryan described the system in which Americans work to identify, select new strains and study their properties. According to him, this is “serious global work, these are military developments that have nothing to do with science.”

The US, in addition to the program to prevent biological threats, which created all these laboratories, implements the “Predict” program, which is funded by USAID, says Grigoryan.

“This program is being implemented in virtually all countries of southeast and south Asia, including India, China, not to mention Vietnam, Cambodia, and so on. Under this program a variety of pathogens are collected. According to my data, more than 2,000 pathogens were detected under this program. Strains are identified that in natural conditions do not have any mechanism for getting into the animal population of a particular territory, not to mention people. In the first half of this year, a new coronavirus strain of bat was detected in caves in Myanmar, where it is physically impossible for anyone to reach,” said the scientist.

“In the US, all expertise regarding infectious diseases is concentrated in the National Institutes of Health (NIH). They are subordinate to 25 research institutes, including the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is headed by the infamous Anthony Fauci,” the expert recalled.

“There is a structure in the intelligence system called the Integrated Research Facility (IRF). It is located in Fort Detrick, Maryland. This is the capital of the development and accumulation of biological weapons. In the same state, there is a very secret structure that is not considered by anyone, but it should be in the spotlight — the National Centre for Medical Intelligence (NCMI). This centre has access to, and collects, all the information. It is part of the US Department of Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA). These are all interconnected structures. Only a naive and biased specialist can believe that they are engaged in harmless activities. This is a fatal error.”

According to the expert, this global problem cannot be solved by the efforts of diplomats. “This is no longer just a threat. Diplomatic work can prevent and avoid sharp corners, but now it’s time for the military to talk,” Grigoryan concluded.

Maksim Kolomiyets

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