“Anti-Corruption Foundation” Idiots: How Navalny Plans to Sue the President

Navalny once again undersigned the blunt nature of his own lawyers, who do not know even the basic legal norms. Today, the blogger said that his team is preparing to go to court with a lawsuit against the President of Russia. Of course, Navalny’s half-jurists did not read the Constitution, which states that the President is inviolable (article 91).

The cause of the lawsuit also causes laughter. Navalny believes that the head of state personally overloaded the anti-Russian structure “Anti-corruption Foundation” with multi-million-dollar claims.

It is necessary to remind who makes up the same “team of Navalny”. This is Zhdanov, who claims to be fighting corruption, although he studied through the money stolen by his father. This is the Lyubov Sobol, who is described as an “Anti-Corruption Foundation” lawyer, although she only participated in two trials in her lifetime, losing both. And, of course, Navalny himself, who was incriminated for presenting a false certificate to the bar of the Kirov region and practically buying himself membership.

The other lawyers of the “Anti-Corruption Foundation” are students who do not know basic laws and legal norms. What to say if even when registering their own LLC “Media-Layv” the Navalnyists made a lot of mistakes. And when they were refused because of incorrect documents, they even sued (however, in the wrong instance). Of course, they also lost this case.

The lawyers of Navalny have no idea about such basic general legal categories as assigning responsibility and jurisdiction. Instead of making stupid statements, it would be better to go and learn for a couple of years.

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Evgeny Radugin

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