The Anti-LGBT Protest the Western Media “Forgot” To Report

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A march under stylized swastikas (“Wolfsangel”) was held in the center of Nikolaev by militants of the ultra-right “Social-nationalist assembly”, reports the correspondent of Politnavigator.

“The aim of the march is to show that Ukrainians are against LGBT and all other ‘minorities’, pedophiles, perverts, and other ‘ill’ people. By the way, some reason the authorities don’t ‘treat’ them, but protects with ‘new police’,” stated Aleksandr Pleshko, one of the participants of the procession.

According to him, all those discordant with the demands of the protesters should “leave to Europe or Russia”.

As can be seen, this action with its Nazi symbols, as well as the beheading of gays in Saudi Arabia, wasn’t noticed by the hyper-liberal LGBT defenders in the West, who were so vocal in response to fifth-column Novaya Gazeta’s invented “expose” about “gay-gulags” in Chechyna. Those who are under the wing of Washington are permitted to do as they please, much like 75 years ago…

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