An Anti-Maidan Political Prisoner Locked up in Odessa Can Die from Tuberculosis

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Human rights activists handed over a letter to journalists of the Ukrainian oppositional publication “Golos Pravdy” with a request to give informational support to the political prisoner Vasily Kondratenko, who is held in the Odessa pre-trial detention center:

“In the Odessa pre-trial detention center the political prisoner Vasily Kondratenko [an anti-Maidan protestor who, according to Kiev, was involved in riots in Odessa on May 2nd and also tried to kill Goncharenko – ed] can die,” it is said in the letter. “We ask all human rights organisations to pay attention to the situation and to help! We managed to contact representatives of the ‘red cross’, who visited Vasily again! He is still in a damp cold cell, which is vitally dangerous even when there are signs of a disease of the lungs! The doctor of the ‘red cross’ at last managed to see the medical record of Vasily and fluorography”.

According to human rights activists, on both of his lungs there are a large number of centers of tuberculosis:

“Two months ago a fluorography was done and his lungs were clean! Conclusion: Vasily fell ill because of the full irresponsibility of medical staff and the insanitary conditions he was in during earlier treatment in a medical unit. He needs an immediate examination and the rendering of qualified medical care, which he is refused!”

The court obliged the administration of the pre-trial detention center to bring Kondratenko to hospital, but they evade this using all possible cunning ways:

“Moreover, Vasily will be transferred to the first floor of the medical unit of the pre-trial detention center where prisoners with different forms of tuberculosis are kept in multi-place cells (8-10 people)! The open and closed forms of the disease!”

Human rights activists say that if Vasily doesn’t receive medical care, he will go on a hunger strike:

“We also ask to pay special attention to the fact that after the appeal to Valeria Lutkovskaya – tasked with human rights in Ukraine, her representative was sent to the pre-trial detention center to Vasily. Their conversation lasted no more than 30 seconds! Then the answer from Lutkovskaya come. It is said in the answer that Kondratenko was visited by her representatives, and that the political prisoner in a satisfactory condition”.

Because of the public complaints of Vasily about his health, moral pressure started being put on him:

“It’s been more than two weeks since Vasily fell ill and has been in a pre-trial detention center medical unit allegedly for treatment, but he feels only worse! It is more difficult for him to breathe, the entire frontal right side and the left side of his back hurts! A severe cough with blood! His subfebrile temperature remains, it is difficult for him to walk for a long time, he begins to choke… Antibiotics, judging by the worsening state, don’t help!”

Human rights activists also reported about Vasily Kondratenko’s data – they call all who aren’t indifferent to help.

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