Anti-Russian Demonstration in Kiev Already in 1990

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Miroslava Berdnik

Having become the witnesses of a neo-Nazi outburst on the streets of Kiev, we ask ourselves with surprise: “From where did it come from?” Alas, the neo-Nazi “dragon teeth” were cautiously sown not only in the brains of our youth, but very often also in the brainless, who imagine themselves to be undervalued creative intelligentsia during the perestroika. Already when naive enthusiasts who were going on the democratic platform of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to sign a new Union Treaty at party meetings, were expelled from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the same naive romantics who offered recipes of updates for public life were dragged in for interrogations in the 5th Department of the KGB. In Western Ukraine Gorbachev already legalized the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and a conference with the participation of a narrow circle of party historians and Diaspora activists were already organized secretly, which just recently was held in the column of “strategic adversary” on the topic of  “the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people”.

And by 1990, this spilled out. And slowly educated personnel landed on the streets of Kiev. But surprisingly, already more than a year before the incident of the State Committee on the State of Emergency, and almost 5 months before the human chain on the streets of Kiev organized by the ideological department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, there was a demonstration, not unlike the modern marches of neo-Nazis.

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However, then – look at the video, the uninvited Galician guests, who staged in Kiev this Sabbat, explained to the shocked Kievans – we are guests and so you as hospitable hosts need to endure minor inconveniences from our actions… And then they were acting on the principle of the little fox, which at first put one paw on the carriage, and then the second, and then…

Yes, a small addition: the organizers of the Sabbat was SUM – Union of Ukrainian Youth. This Bandera Diaspora’s youth organization not long before was legalized in the Lvov region…

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