Anti-Russian Hell in Odessa: How Local TV Promotes the Ukrainization of Society

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Odessa for already a few days has been discussing what was said on the air of a local TV channel, where journalists known in the past for their pro-Russian positions fawned over Nazis, and in general approved of the introduction of the new law on the prohibition of the Russian-language on TV. Valentin Filippov wrote about this in a Politnavigator column.

Here …we will never understand how they are there. How they gradually cease to be themselves. How they do not notice it themselves. And we think – maybe they were like that already? Of course, they were. But before they had a chance. Now they don’t have it anymore. They are in Hell. While trying with all their forces not to know. Especially as they are left with the illusion of free will. They are in their Hell, and argue even with demons.

Well, really, let’s imagine any death camp, with all gas chambers and graphics of extermination. And that at this time the prisoners sentenced to death have the opportunity to criticize both the leadership of the camp and their methods used on the doomed. To join the discussion.

And they start to directly and openly criticize. They say that the gas acts slowly. And medical experiments on children are not productive enough. That it is necessary to approach the process more creatively. The most cunning, in general, even inform the camp authorities, saying, we are old, soon we will die, so let’s start with the children. Children are our future, so let’s cede to them the path to the gas chamber.

And don’t say that I have a perverse fantasy. All of this is happening in reality. In any case, this is precisely what happened in Odessa in the air of the “First City” channel, where the Odessa TV crew was explaining to Nazis the best way to Ukrainize Odessa.

No, they allegedly had a dispute about it. That for the Ukrainization of the airwaves, a state program and funding is needed. Original approaches and plans. So in general they twisted and turned. But in order to be understood correctly, they repeatedly stressed that there is no alternative to Ukrainianization. That they personally fully support the idea of rampant Ukrainization. That they are personally ready even now to start to speak the state language, which they love since their childhood.

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All this they were explaining to a becoming-increasingly-impudent brat – the ex-leader of “Right Sector” in Odessa Sergei Sternenko. To this filth, who single-handedly beats up the elderly and with his own feet tramples on flowers on the graves and memorials. Seemingly, adult serious people, in the same studio with the Nazi evil, justified themselves in front of this filth. This piece of filth was relentless: “you must do it already now”. Recruit new professionals, do what you want, but abide by our laws.

“We are trying,” as if shone in the eyes of those present.

But they were not just humiliating themselves. They, with their participation and presence, make the authorities of scum not only legitimate, but also almost respectable. It’s one thing to submit to brute force, because it is painful and scary. It is another to publicly grovel and ask for partners.

This broadcast was hosted by a certain Misha Beyzerman. He thinks that he’s a Jew and a patriot, while in fact, if you’re wondering what a Judeo-Banderdist look like, then this is him. Naively believing that he is needed by the Nazis, that his intellect can add effectiveness to the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, he stubbornly described how it is necessary all together to write theatre productions and songs in the Ukrainian language. All these theatre productions and songs should be brilliant, then they will be watched and sung. And that the Ukrainian language will become great. Well, it is already great, seemingly, but like that it will be even greater. In short, if it will go according to this scenario, soon we will have neither theatre nor cinema. One big Ocean of Elsa.

Where did these Beyzermans come from? Well, it happened like that. When the Jews left, and Russians went to the front, the intellectual elite were left in Odessa. Just a vacuum. Then freak-losers started to slither. Here is this Beyzerman. Or Medushevskaya, aka — Baboiro. Or Yasha Gopp, who in life differs from his stage character of the fool-alcoholic only by the fact that he can’t drink so much.

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Of course, compared to Sternenko – this Nazi, they are all just academics. And they not only fear him, but loathe him. However, these two feelings often coexist also in the minds of decent people.

So the people, maybe not as respected, but known nevertheless, who have some connection with the media to some respect, were invited to humiliate themselves in front of the young Nazi person. Here is Misha Shmushkovich. Besides all of this, he is also the head of the TV channel “Dumskaya-TV”. And once again, spraying saliva, Misha said that there, where there are Russian-speaking people, there are also separatists, but that is no reason to impose the Ukrainian language, because he, for example, can also speak in Russian, but isn’t a separatist.

However, what Shmushkovych said is not so important. The fact is that one day, on the grounds that he is the megaphone-holder for Goncharenko himself, Misha went to share a parking business in the city, with the result that he was hit on the head by an amateur. Since then, he can say anything. He was even appointed as the head of the regional branch of the presidential party. Anyway, it can’t get any worse. Because it is impossible to depend on Shmushkovich. It seems to me that even when Goncharenko will be taken for execution, everybody will take smartphones, but Misha, like in previous times, will take out a megaphone and say something.

Natasha Perevalova requires no introduction. Editor of the legendary ATV. In years past, if someone is talking about Ukrainization live on air, she would hang on the screen a “protest” placard, and would appeal to the audience, like, nightmare, Banderists and Russophobes are now in the city. Many times we saw how, at the call of ATV, instantly thousands of people came out onto the streets in defence of the Russian World, of Russian Odessa. For example, on May 2nd [2014], the city lacked exactly such a call of ATV (which was closed by Yanukovych six months before this). We all remember how many thousands of people were chasing the notorious Alpha of the SBU with piss-soaked rags. In general, Natasha was cool.

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It’s not the same now.

Now, she, unhappy, lives in conditions of “Russian aggression”. And there is a necessity for Ukrainization on the air. Obligatorily. She supports this. She just has a lack of funding. Because the TV, she says, is a production. There is a need for Ukrainian specialists. We need to improve our service scheduling software. The implementation of the law must be approached responsibly. And the Ukrainization of society is the same media project like all the others. We need to make the Ukrainian language fashionable. And so on.

And there is no need to ask what happened to Natasha. Nothing happened to her. I remember, once upon a time, in the archive a program was found that was created by her at the beginning of her career.

Last thing I want to talk about is Lastochkina. After many overtures in the Ukrainian language, reminders that earlier she once graduated from the Ukrainian Philology Department, she confusingly explained to the fascist that Russophobia in the Ukrainian language is not perceived by the Russian-speaking population of Odessa. And that if she will switch to Ukrainian, then Ukrainian patriotism will be brought to fewer viewers. In short, Russia must be hated in Russian. Otherwise Russians will not to hate her.

What? She’s logical.

Interestingly, all participants agreed that the Ukrainization of society must begin not with the TV, but with the education system. Unconditional teaching of children in the Ukrainian language will bear fruits in the near future. So it is in this way these clowns want to casually, at first, give children to Nazis as food. To use children as payment in return for delaying their own execution.

I’m not angry at all. They are already not humans, there is only a shell. While children – we must try to save. While it is still not too late.

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