Anti-Russian Propaganda in Ukraine in 1941 & 2016 – Spot the Difference…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

I continue to tell you for what and against whom in reality OUN was fighting during the occupation. This time I present the newspaper “Nova Doba” from 2nd November 1941, the chief editor is the head of the local department of propaganda of the OUN Vladimir Semenyuk.


On the first page is the main article, in which the Russian language is cursed. The Nazi newspaper is outraged that in Berdichev Russian is still spoken, moreover it is absolutely in the same expressions that it is done in today’s Ukraine: “Who gave the right, to babble, to say что [“what” in Russian – ed] in Katsap [pejorative word for Russian – ed] style on our native land… Our slogan sounds: “Go away Russian culture, away Russian worldview! Go away Russian language, because all this spies attributes, poison from Russian! We want to forget, to delete, to strike out as soon as possible this “sweet heritage” of Lenin-Stalin-Mayakovsky-Fadeyev.”


Why? For the same reason as it is now, “so that we were European people.” And how is this “Europeanness” expressed? Here the response is different from the present version: “Great German nation and its leader, Adolf Hitler offered to us, Ukrainians, his friendly hand – hand of freedom. This is our sacred duty to work in the way that the Great German Nation loves us and our children for longer”. But no, only concerning Hitler does it differ. Otherwise, be in agreement, it coincides, with the slogans of the current Ukrainian “European integration”. So someone still says that OUN fought against the Germans, right?

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And here, again, so that no-one doubts, the eloquent slogan flaunts: “The Jews – the most ferocious enemies of the Ukrainians. Let’s eradicate Jews from Ukraine!” So, here we go, and now we are told that OUN was almost the best friend of the Jews. What is most striking, many Ukrainian Jews say this. So, let them read what the OUN newspaper in Berdichev wrote.

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