Anti-Trump Maidan Will Not Succeed

Translated by Nikita Che


By Crimson Alter

In light of the protests happening at the areas where Hillary Clinton’s supporters live (who are organized, informed, transported, and supplied by Soros’ entities), one might ask: “Will Trump be swept out by an ‘American maidan’ or ‘purple revolution’, as it has already been called by cunning journalists?”

The brief answer: “No, he won’t be.”

Either Trump’s inauguration would be blocked, or he’d be killed, anyhow, the USA would fall into the strongest political, social and economic crisis, which would put an end to any US foreign-policy ambitions for at least the next decade. In the same way, as Hillary’s supporters amongst the establishment, servicemen and common people didn’t dissolve in the air after Trump’s victory, his similar supporters wouldn’t disappear if tomorrow Soros’ agents seized the White House and fought to the death.

For a successful colour revolution in the USA there is a lack of some ingredients, and there is no need to recall here the cliché about the absence of a “US embassy” there. Now it is evident that an “embassy”, and furthermore an “American” one, isn’t necessary here at all. Demonstrative contempt for the law (domestic and international) is the handwriting of the supranational elite (I once again highlight it in red – supranational, not US). A color revolution doesn’t require an American Embassy, but the corresponding conventional Soros fund is needed, and there are indeed Soros funds in the US, they don’t even need to establish control over the American Embassy to start their work, like in other countries.

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And now, what is not present for a successful color revolution in the US:

1. There is no complete betrayal of elites and the possibility to take over off-shore companies, the most potent and rich Trump’s supporters. Those billionaires, who chose Trump to be their spokesman, understand very well, what will happen to them if they waver. One shouldn’t underestimate the experience of clans, who got money and power in many generations under circumstances of Western severe competition, as well as their willingness to fight to the death. They are not Yanukovich’s [the Ukrainian President, who was swept out by Maidan] oligarchs; that’s quite another caliber, another type of men and women, with utter readiness to drown the country with blood if it needs to be done.

2. There is also no complete betrayal of secret services. One shouldn’t forget the FBI. According to Western mass-media outlets, the Bureau is full of strong Trump’s supporters. Some employees risked their life  indeed in the course of the Clinton’s server investigation, so they are hardly going to allow anybody to steal their victory. There is a slightly exaggerated description of the distribution of “social stereotypes” between intelligence agencies:

  • CIA – rich kids of rich parents who learned to correctly smoke the correct cigars with the correct look in the correct higher education institute from Ivy League.

  • NSA – botanists who seized upon the opportunity to decide the destiny of the world and do dirty tricks on sportsmen (jocks), who humiliated them in senior year and in college.

  • But the FBI – rednecks and simple detective officer

I will repeat, these are exaggerated stereotypes, but there is an element of truth in them. And the FBI, accompanied by the police and army (among the military Trump won with a big margin), would easily dismantle any “new Pravy Sector” [militants of Kiev Maidan] into small pieces. Also  the laws (adopted by Obama especially for Clinton) allows this to happen using a maximal level of violence.

3. And lastly, there are no unarmed people. Successful colour revolutions are based on the fact that well-organized, trained and armed gangs of a few militants are able to control and subordinate most of population. But the USA differs. Amongst Trump’s supporters, there are a lot of those who:

  • have weapons;

  • have distinct views which cannot be reconciled with the Soros’ “purple revolution” ideology;

  • are subscribers of alternative media, radio talk shows and social networks, so they wouldn’t be infected with corporate media propaganda, which also have lost credit after the race;

  • have sufficient experience of ground cooperation and participation in various civic entities (from gun clubs to religious groups).

If it’s necessary, all these tolerate and splendid men and woman will be able to get Washington on their own (of course, not only on their own) with their own weaponry (of course, not only with their own).

So there is a question: why Soros is staging his unrests right now? Here’s why:

  • to show his potential and to stimulate the new administration to find compromises on essential personnel, political, and economic issues;

  • to give a dry run for the next attempt, if it will be necessary.

It is unlikely that the mission will be achieved, but one should understand the old man and his milieu attitude: when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

So the anti-Trump maidan will be suppressed at its early stages.

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