Appeal of Igor Plotnitsky, Head of the LPR, on the Occasion of Holodomor Memorial Day in Ukraine

Translated by Nikita Che


Dear fellow citizens! Dear compatriots!

On the 26th of November, some events will be organized, boisterously and  widely, in the Kiev-controlled area, which, in all fairness, would be better being quiet and domestic. No doubt, premature deaths of relatives and friends is a heartbreak that you loath to put on for show.

Though the Kiev regime has been trying to turn a common tragedy into a political show for nearly twenty years in order to breed strife and feud between various peoples and social groups. Does death ask the nationality of the person it takes? Didn’t hundreds of thousands of Volga and Kazakhstan residents die from a great starvation in the 1920-30’s?

And, around the same time, peoples of Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, and even the USA suffered from famine. But it was not named as a “Holodomor” but as a “international economical crisis” and “great depression”.

And why, lastly, during these memorial events, is nobody talking about attempts of the Poroshenko regime to commit a total blockade of Donbass, which could result in large-scale starving to death here if Russia had not mothered us?

On behalf of all residents of the Lugansk People’s Republic I state: we  sympathize with all who lost their relatives and friends from starvation – whether living in Ukraine, Russia, Africa… We are always ready to render all the help in our power to every one who needs it. For example, during the blockade of Lugansk [in 2014], captured Banderovite thugs were receiving food, water, and medical treatment in the same way our militiamen and civilians were. But we strongly condemn the false notion of “Holodomor”, which was allegedly staged against the Ukrainians.

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So those who blame their former compatriots in “Holodomor” should, firstly, stop throwing stones in the glass houses they live in, and also consider the consequences of their own actions. Soon your own people will demand justification from you not only for “Holodomor”, but also for “Tariffomor” and “ATO-mor”.

The Head of the LPR

Igor Plotnitsky

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