Appeal of Ukrainian Citizen Svetlana Pikta to the World Community

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Citizen of Ukraine and mother of three (expecting a fourth) Svetlana Pikta submitted a report to the United Nations human rights bodies and to the OSCE concerning the threatening behavior of neo-nazi radicals from the C14 organisation towards her and her family. Members of this notorious group came to her home unannounced, tried to gain entry into the premises, harassed her husband at first over the phone and then in person at his workplace, published leaflets with her private information on, and in general subjected the peaceful Kiev woman to gross persecution – and for what?

Because she doesn’t accept the pseudo-government in the Rada installed by Victoria Nuland and her band of criminal thugs? Because she opposes the fratricidal war in Donbass unleashed by the Obama and his puppet Petro Poroshenko? Because she doesn’t want the lives of innocent children to be cut short by Grad rockets and “lethal-defensive” weapons supplied by Washington & Co? Judge for yourself who is the real patriot here…

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