April 2018 Poll: Tymoshenko’s Party and the “Opposition Bloc” Have the Highest Parliamentary Election Approval Rating

Translated by Ollie Richardson



If elections to the Verkhovna Rada were to take place now, seven political parties would enter parliament. The results of a survey conducted by the “Sofiya” social research center testify to this.

11.8% of respondents would vote for the “Fatherland” party, 10.1% – “Opposition Bloc”, 9.1% – “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko”, 8.5% – “Civil Position” of Anatoly Gritsenko, 6.2% – the “Radical Party” of Oleg Lyashko, 5.4% – “For Life”, and 5% – “Samopomich”.

Other parties would gather less than the 5% threshold.

In particular, the “Svoboda” party would collect 3.6%, “UDAR of Vitaly Klitschko” – 1.9%, “Movement of New Forces” – 1.7%,  and “Ukrainian Union of Patriots” (UKROP), the party of the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, and “Social and Political Platform of Nadezhda Savchenko” – 1.2%.

2.8% of respondents would vote against all parties, and 20.8% found it difficult to answer.

The survey was conducted between April 19th and April 30th. 2,016 adult inhabitants in all regions of Ukraine (in the territories under Kiev’s control) were questioned by the method of a personal interview. The statistical error of the selection didn’t exceed 2.2%.

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