April Fools’ Day? Poroshenko Told the Greek Community in Mariupol That Learning Ukrainian Will “Protect Them from Discrimination”

By Ollie Richardson

On April 1st the leader of the terrorist organisation known as “Ukraine” Petro Poroshenko visited Mariupol, where he met representatives of the Greek community. 
Among other things, he discussed with them the language part of the Law on Education, which has raised many questions among ethnic minorities. Of course, it cannot be denied that the real reason this happened is because of heavy criticism he received from Western human rights organisations and the EU concerning his practice of ramming the Ukrainian “language”  down the throats of ethnic minorities.

The press service of Poroshenko stated:

“During his working visit to Donetsk region, President Poroshenko spoke with representatives of the Greek community of Mariupol.

The President thanked the community for its strong support of the Law on Language Development and stressed the importance of encouraging children to learn Ukrainian language, as they should know their own language and the state language – Ukrainian.

‘I thank you for the strong support of our language legislation. Protecting the right of children to learn Ukrainian, we protect them from discrimination. Children will know the language of national minorities and the state language,’ Petro Poroshenko stressed.

The President also noted that he planned to invite Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras to visit Mariupol and the Greek community near the Azov Sea.

‘We will reach an agreement, we will come with our Greek partners to launch several important projects on education, construction and support of the church. And many other things that will come from you, and I will defend it,’ the President noted.”

Mr Poroshenko emphasised the importance of encouraging small children to learn Ukrainian. According to him, they must know both their own language and the State one – “Ukrainian”.

This is not an April Fools’ Day joke! Poroshenko genuinely thinks that forcing others to learn a “language” (in reality – a branch of the Russian language) that is alien to them is saving them from “discrimination”! Will he order his pet thug Pavel Zhebrivsky to “encourage” the local greek community in Mariupol to learn this alien “language” in the same way children are taught about “peace” at “Azovets” camps?

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By the way, it is simply impossible to not remark on the photographs taken by Poroshenko’s PR team during his visit to the occupied-by-America Mariupol.

The truth: the purpose of the visit was to create simulacrum showing that he is “supported” in Donbass, and even a whole school was rushing to take selfies with him! They were dressed in hyper-aggressive embroidery (is there really a need to do this if the culture is sincere?) to send that now banal message “We are ‘Ukrainian’, not Russian!”.

Petro the butcher even had the time to do some extra PR with the UAF. Just the day prior a UAF servicemen from the 10th separate mountain assault brigade blew his brains out due to not being able to cope with the crimes he’s committed against the civilian population of Donbass. So Poroshenko trying to give the impression that he is on good terms with contracted ATO soldiers – another massive lie – can be understood in this context. More information about Poroshenko’s staged appearances can be found here. Lastly, it’s not a coincidence that Petro tries to rub shoulders with the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras – America has a habit of leaving its banana republics in the lurch when more money is coming out of its treasury than coming in. In other words: “we’ve looted your lands as much as we can, now you are on your own!”.

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