Ardent Banderist Dmitry Yarosh Called on Ukrainians to Prepare for a Coup and the Installation of a Military Dictatorship

Due to the impossibility of blocking the process of lifting the moratorium on the sale of Ukrainian land, the founder of “Right Sector” and commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Dmitry Yarosh called on the citizens of Ukraine to prepare for a coup and the arrival of a military dictatorship in the country.

“Ukrainians need to prepare for the early termination of the powers of the President and the Verkhovna Rada. Already now a united state movement should be formed, a state ideology and a program of action should be formulated, a team of patriots-statespeople should be prepared, which will lead the country out of the process of stagnation and political dystrophy,” he said.

Yarosh said the next president should be a combat officer.

He listed the points that citizens of Ukraine, in his opinion, should comply with.

” – Choose a candidate for the post of the next President of Ukraine. Finally, to decide on the leader who will become the chief of the process of Ukraine’s revival;

– The next President of Ukraine should be a combat officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The main criteria: wise, courageous, noble. Opportunists, deserters, speculators, admirers of other states and peoples – go screw yourselves!;

– Citizens of Ukraine who were not involved in the defence of the State of Ukraine during 2014-2019 are not entitled to hold high public office;

– Citizens of Ukraine have the right to be only those people who are loyal to the State and do not serve the interests of other States;

– Universal suffrage is an evil that allows the Ukrainian people to be led in circles. We drive out one gang, shedding our blood, and it is replaced by another anti-Ukrainian gang, with all those who did not lift a finger for freedom and justice voting for it.”

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