Are Ukrainians a Part of the Russian Nation?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Aleksandr Gontar – Facebook

About the Ukrainian statement that Ukraine is Kievan Rus, and that Katsaps [Ukrainian pejorative name for Russians – ed] are just some undetermined Finno-Ugric outsiders .

At first, just “Kievan Rus” never existed. There was only “Rus”. And it was different cities that were the capitals of the state of “Rus”. The first capital was Ladoga. It was precisely in Ladoga that the Vikings led by Rurik in 862 arrived in, and it was specifically at this moment that Rus was founded. The second capital was Novgorod. And only in 882 (20 years later!) Prince Oleg (guardian of the son of Rurik – Igor) from Novgorod marched on Kiev and CAPTURED it. After this he moved his residence here (similar to how Peter the Great in the future will transfer his residence from Moscow to a young Saint-Petersburg).

I.e, if someone didn’t understand, Kiev was captured by Rus via military means and included in its structure (annexed).

So Ukrainians must decide the descendants upon who they are… Those people who lived in Kiev BEFORE its capture by Prince Oleg (and it will mean the Russian “invaders” enslaved the proud Ukrainians already in 882), or they are the descendants of the Russians of Novgorod, which captured this city.

If they are the descendants of the people of Kiev, who lived on these lands before the coming of the Russians, then they have no relationship to Rus, and thus it means they cannot be descendants of Rus, exactly as natives of Peru can’t be the descendants of Spain.

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If they are the descendants of these Novgorod Russians, who annexed Kiev – then what Ukraine can we speak of here? Then they are one people with modern Russians.

Rus was one. It was the capitals that were numerous. “Novgorod’s Rus”, “Kiev’s Rus”, “Moscow’s Rus”, “St. Petersburg’s Rus” – it is all one state. And today it’s called Russia.

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