Armen Gasparyan on LDPR’s Blockade Ultimatum to Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The ultimatum pushed out by the Republics of Donbass about the nationalization of Ukrainian enterprises and their reorientation to Russia if Kiev until March 1st won’t stop the blockade of LDPR is a response to the unprecedented provocations by the Ukrainian side.

This was stated to Politnavigator by the Russian publicist Armen Gasparyan.

“This step is absolutely logical because everybody has already seen the demonstrative violations of all points of the Minsk Agreement in recent days.

All of us already understood that the West doesn’t pay attention to the regular shelling of Donetsk and Lugansk, but the question concerning the Donetsk Filtration Station is beyond limits. The DPR and LPR react to this absolutely correctly, because it is impossible to constantly be in a losing position whilst Ukraine does that it wants.

Yesterday news arrived that now they begin a blockade also in the direction of Mariupol. This pushes towards a humanitarian disaster in the region. And of course, the local authorities should answer to it adequately. If Kiev doesn’t want to understand it in an amicable way, doesn’t want to fulfil their assumed obligations, then there is a need to push them to it in an economic way.

I will remind that the Republics already three years ago spoke about the need for integration of the economy into the Russian sector. The events of the past few years showed that it was initially a correct decision.

The Ukrainian economy is destroyed nowadays because it was in the most diligent way oriented to the European market, while all these goods aren’t needed there. So, where do Donetsk and Lugansk have to move? Only in the direction of Russia, this is absolutely logical,” argues Gasparyan.

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