Armen Grigoryan: “Armenia Is Grateful to Russia, We Will Always Be Close to Russia”

The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh continued for almost two months. All sane people understood from the very beginning that our country should not be drawn into this conflict either on the side of Armenia or on the side of Azerbaijan.

In such situations, it is always very difficult to remain neutral. But we should have been above the fray. We had to stabilise the situation in the Caucasus and bring peace. And we did it.

Because this is a zone of our national interests, because we are responsible for the fate of fraternal peoples, because we end wars and because we are peacemakers.

And on November 14th, at the rally in Yerevan, we heard the words that we have been waiting for for a long time. Words and thoughts that put all the dots above the “i” and which, apparently, are becoming the mainstream of Armenian politics.

Now I give the floor to the famous screenwriter and film producer Armen Grigoryan, who spoke at the rally:

“I want to say a few words in Russian. I know that there are Russian media here that broadcast live to Russia. I want to tell Russia and Russians.

I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and I am a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. Armenia is my homeland, and I have a home in Russia.

Don’t believe the lying sons of bitches. Armenia was, is and will be an ally of Russia. Armenia is grateful to Russia, whatever it is called – the Russian Empire, the USSR, the Russian Federation.

Since 1828, we have not forgotten anything. And we will never forget anything. We will always be close to Russia! Our soldiers will always be with Russian soldiers in all wars, and first and foremost – in future wars!

And do not succumb to the provocations of the Soros scum who sold my Motherland!”

This is an emotional speech. Nothing to add.

Boar Gambit

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