Arsen Avakov’s “Azov”

It is even surprising how Zelensky manages to cause almost the same feelings both in the stubborn patriots representing the “Lvov beau monde” and in “vatniks”, who still manage to not lose their adequate perception of the surrounding reality. The episode “I am a trembling sucker or a president?” played in the village of Zolotoye (Lugansk region) in the zone of the never-held disengagement of troops is clear confirmation of this.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief, under the authority of the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, came to the “servants of Arsen”, portraying irreconcilable veterans with a request to “withdraw weapons” and not prevent the disengagement of the parties. The pseudo-veteran whose call sign is either “Amber” or “Processed Cheese” forced Zelensky to formulate his rhetorical question about a sucker. And here you can’t disagree with him. It is offensive, of course, that such conclusions were drawn by “Poroshenko bots”. A very strange coincidence of positions. But facts are stubborn things.

The Minister of the Interior is the only security force left in power after the election of a new president. The condition of Avakov’s “re-subordination” was the substantial cutting of his powers. Agreements were reached between Igor Kolomoisky and Arsen during a warm conversation with foul language at the oligarch’s office. The purpose of such a circumcision in a purely Jewish manner was to turn the minister into an obedient and manageable official. However, a few months later it became clear that Avakov not only strengthened his position, but also steers the domestic and foreign policy of the “sovereign nation”. At the moment in the calloused and overworked hand of the Minister are the intimate accessories of the Supreme commander, who really behaves like a sucker. It is Avakov’s people who are currently disrupting the disengagement of the warring sides and dictating conditions to the entire “Normandy format”. It is precisely Arsen who scares the President’s Office with a “nationalist uprising” up to diaper changes and confidently provides back the powers of the chief security officer of the nation.

Zelensky wanted to re-subordinate the National Guard, a structural unit of which is the punitive “Azov” battalion. Yes, neo-fascists are an official military unit, they are used to maintain “law and order” in cities with “problematic populations”. In particular, in Odessa, where from year to year there are events in memory of people burned alive in the House of Trade Unions. The political wing of “Azov” is “National Corpus“. It is an ultra-radical party, which is formally headed by the former deputy Andrey Biletsky, but in reality everything is ruled by Avakov. “National Corpus” has its own “jugend” – “National Druzhina“, formed mainly from football fans.

Understanding the role of such formations, the Office of the President has drafted a bill on the re-assignment of the National Guard. But it so coincided that former President Poroshenko launched a “putsch” under the slogan “No surrender through the Steinmeier formula!”. Avakov assured Zelensky that his “soldiers” would lead the “uprising” and everything would be under control. The re-subordination of the National Guard to the President was abruptly forgotten. Also forgotten was the plans to withdraw border guards from the Interior Ministry’s system. Moreover, taking advantage of the defeat of the customs service, which was carried out by the hipster Nefedov (head of the State Fiscal Service), border guards took control of smuggling flows. Well, someone has to bend down and pick up the money literally lying under their feet.

While the protege of Zelensky Bakanov smashes the SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov surely gains “weight”. Recently, Prime Minister Goncharuk (the first homosexual in the history of Ukraine to head the Cabinet of Ministers) claimed with fanfare the elimination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Directorate for Combating Economic Crime (DCEC). Business can breathe freely! Aha. DCEC has been eliminated, but its business lives and flourishes. Investigators remained, and under the guise of combating organised crime, put even more pressure on commercials.

The top of the absurd was the situation in Zolotoye. Under the pretext of “preventing Poroshenko’s militants from appearing on the demarcation line”, Arsen brought Biletsky there with a group of pocket clowns. And suddenly it turns out they’re veteran patriots who will stand to the end. Disengagement will not be allowed, because this is surrender. Zelensky rushed to Zolotoye on emotions, ran into the “friendly reception of veterans”, and left for his office to hide his shame. Not only was the disengagement of the parties disrupted, but also the meeting in the “Normandy format”, which is of great importance to the President. He promised to end the war at the inauguration.

However, the war does not end in any way. And now one of the main actors actively promoting militarism hysteria is not Poroshenko, but the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, formally subordinate to the supreme commander-in-chief. He arranged a real show: police units together with the National Guard forced “veterans” to take away weapons from the “special zone”. He obliged himself to disarm. Then Biletsky speaks and states: weapons were not removed, but “moved”; at any moment, we will dig them up and take positions if the UAF leaves them. The aforementioned “Processed Cheese” contributes his share of absurdity. Evil people fire small arms at “patriot positions”. But the patriots stand to the death and have already started to paint the houses of local residents in the colours of the “state flag”.

Against the background of the real sucker Zelensky, who, having an absolute majority in the Rada, his Cabinet of Ministers, the Security Service, and the Prosecutor General, can do nothing, there is a “mighty security official with great prospects”. The media oriented towards Avakov (he actually had a small media empire) sculpt from the minister the image of the guarantor of stability. Like pretending that in this changeable “Zelensky’s world” there are its own, true “values”. Avakov was the guarantor of fair and democratic presidential elections. It was he who “disrupted the system of falsifying the results of the expression of the people’s will” created by Poroshenko. It was only thanks to Arsen that a transparent parliamentary election was held. And, naturally, who but Avakov can ensure order in the event of “atrocities committed by nationalists”.

The Democrats were the first to suspect something was wrong. In the United States House of Representatives, 40 representatives of the United States Democratic Party wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking him to explain why, so far, the “Azov” battalion has not been included on the list of terrorist organisations. Instead of Pompeo, a clear answer was unexpectedly given… Zelensky’s “Servants of the People”. They initiated a letter to US senators glorifying the “heroic battle path of the “Azov” battalion that saved civilisation from Russian aggression.”

Yeah, I’m not kidding. Do you know who was the main “pioneer” of this letter? Head of the Committee of the Rada on Foreign Policy Bogdan Yarenko. “Servant of the People” Party. Instantly in Parliament there was a group of deputies from different factions oriented towards Avakov. They started to sign the letter – a response to the American “bastards”. Even the former Foreign Minister, the half-forgotten mentally retarded Klimkin, burst into a long speech against the United States, the meaning of which is that “Azov” is the basis of Ukrainian democracy. Avakov himself defiantly came to the “Azov” training center near Mariupol and pushed a heartfelt speech about the true heroes of the nation.

Judging by the fact that Igor Kolomoisky has never called Arsen a moron, he fully supports the strengthening of the political weight of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Otherwise, the long-standing pocket “mouthpiece” of the oligarch, Deputy Dubinsky, would have proceeded to biomaterials, talking about the threat of the “Avakov’s dictatorship”. At this stage, thanks to Avakov, the nickname “Sucker” was glued to Zelensky. What’s next?Everything as usual: “order”, “a strong hand”, and “revival of the nation”. Sociologists are already inserting a bullet point in made-to-order surveys about the need for a strong hand. It’s, you know, a symptom…

Aleksandr Yablokov

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