Arseniy Yatsenyuk May Become the First Deputy Prime Minister in Ukraine’s New Government

The former head of the Ukrainian government Arseniy Yatsenyuk is currently being considered for the position of the First Deputy of the Prime Minister in the Cabinet of Ministers Aleksey Goncharuk.

This was reported to the “Strana” agency by sources in the Cabinet of Ministers.

The motive for appointing Yatsenyuk is said to be the need to hold difficult negotiations with the IMF for the renewal of cooperation and the opening of a new credit program of the Fund. The former Prime Minister, who possesses a lot of contacts in the West, according to those lobbying his candidacy, can successfully finalise these negotiations.

According to the sources of “Strana”, Yatsenyuk’s candidacy is lobbied by his fellow member of the same “People’s Front” party and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and also the influential oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. The latter is credited with influencing a significant part of the Cabinet of Ministers, in particular the Minister of Economy Milovanov.

According to sources, the probability of Yatsenyuk being apppointed at the moment is “slightly more than 50%”. The extremely high anti-rating [opposite of an approval rating – ed] of the former Prime Minister and the numerous corruption scandals that he was involved in work against his appointment. And also his and Pinchuk’s ties with the Democrat wing of the American establishment, which can worsen relations with the administration of the US President Donald Trump.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk headed the Ukrainian government in 2014-16. In addition, he is the party leader of “People’s Front”, which didn’t participate in the 2019 parliamentary election. The probable reason for this is the low approval ratings of the political force and Yatsenyuk.

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As a reminder, on the first day of the new work of Goncharuk’s government, the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik said that in the new government of Goncharuk there are no “new faces” since 90% of ministers worked with the previous Cabinet of Ministers. Also, we wrote that Yatsenyuk’s friend remained the head of the state-owned “Oshchadbank”.

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