The “Art” That America Presents to Russian Children in the Yeltsin Center

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On August 18th of this year, the Yeltsin Center presented works and techniques of the artist Cindy Sherman, and even organized “Children’s workshops” for children from 12 years for acquaintance with this “outstanding” artist.

A few works of Cindy for you in your newsfeed so that you understood the entire depth of “talent” of this schizophrenic feminist…

You like it?

And only the Yeltsin Center, the largest nest of all perverts and degenerates, exposes this trash and “acquaints children with the works of this artist”.

It seems to me that this “exhibition” has one more mission – to show contempt for idiots! To you and I, because we are those idiots who allow the glorification of Yeltsin, who the US laughed at….

So we have rather deserved both such “art” and such “art critics” who dream to acquaint us and our children with this great American “artist”

How liberal it is!

These pictures need to be presented to Naina Yeltsina so that she can see this every minute and enjoyed high-spiritual art.

Here are other “masterpieces” from Cindy Sherman’s 1999 “Broken Dolls Series”…


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