Artwork Appeared in Kiev Hinting at the Involvement of Pashinsky and Parubiy in the Murders on Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Kot /

Last night unknown persons in Kiev covered walls with stencils featuring the text “Who killed the Heavenly Hundred” and the portraits of Andriy Parubiy and Sergey Pashinsky drawn underneath.

This was reported by the journalist Yury Dudkin on his blog. The portraits, which appeared in the night of November 30th, symbolise the inactivity of the authorities in the search for and punishment of the guilty persons in the murders on Maidan, writes “”.

“In February, 2014, the authorities, it seems, put a big cross on the issue of the disclosure of murders. The defendants in the case are too big and important. In the movie investigation by the Italian journalist Gian Micalessin under the name ‘Ukraine: hidden truths’ there is information about Parubiy and Pashinsky’s possible participation in the organisation of the shooting of protesters and Interior Ministry employees on Maidan in February, 2014. If even this fact does not disturb the authorities nor the President personally – what people abroad think about us, then the participants of the night activity objectively suppose that such possible horrors on Maidan and the persons involved are covered by Petro Poroshenko,” said Dudkin.

Comment of Yury Kot

Information I received from Kiev.

“Across all the city, on Victory Avenue, across Troieshchyna, a car with a loudspeaker passes by and tells everyone that Avakov, Parubiy, Yatsenyuk, Pashinsky, and the rest of the rabble ordered the shootings on Maidan.

They shout in the megaphone at law enforcement officers to not fulfil the orders of the criminal authorities. And they also shout about Turchynov – that it is he who unleashed war. They convoke people to listen to some FM frequency (94, it seems).

Yury, I was in Kiev all summer – from May to November. Already many people understand, but are afraid to admit out loud that they supported these bandits. Many already don’t want anything, they just rush out of the country. But I see that everything heads towards changes. If they drive and shout into a megaphone without being afraid any more. I constantly heard on the street the damnations aimed at the junta. My husband was in hospital for a week, and Ukrainians also curse the authorities there.”

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