Ashamed to Be “Ukrainian”: The Residents of Western Ukraine Change Their Names to the Russian Equivalent

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian journalist-“patriots” sounded the alarm – in Volyn [Western Ukraine – ed] citizens are changing their names to the names of the “occupier” country! Last year more than 5,000 Volyn residents made the decision to change their names, writes the “Volyn Post” with reference to Channel 12.

There is nothing criminal about this name changing. According to legislation, it is possible to change one’s name in two instances: under one’s own will, and during the time of its adoption or cancellation. All that needs to be done is to submit an application to the appropriate authorities, and to attach a passport and a birth certificate to it. This costs 5.10 hryvnia.

However, bodies of civil registration reported that in 2017 they generally changed names to the Russian analogs. Taking into account the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, such a choice can be regarded by the accomplices of putshists as manifestations of non-patriotism bordering on treason or separatism.

The most widespread cases are a change from Olena to Alena and Khrystyna to Kristina. This was stated in the programme of Channel 12 in more detail:

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