By Asking For “Intelligence” Help, Ukraine Becomes a NATO Member All but on Paper

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Intelligence information that will help to “resist Russia” is necessary for Ukraine. This was stated by the Deputy Head of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO commission Vadym Prystaiko.

According to him, Ukraine is in great need of lethal arms, however intelligence information is no less important.

“We do not limit ourselves only to gaining weapons, we say that we need intelligence, we need satellite images of what is going on, we need in general all the intelligence information so that we can resist Russia,” said Prystaiko.

It should be noted that in the near future the House of Representatives of the US Congress will consider the bill granting lethal arms to Ukraine. A year ago a bill was introduced in Congress also granting weapons to Kiev, however it did not find support.

NATO Intelligence, supply of NATO-standard weapons, organisation and carrying out of NATO drills, yet according to NATO’s own charter Ukraine can’t enter the alliance as it is involved in a civil war. Ukraine is de-facto a NATO member? Absolutely.

Since NATO was booted-out from the Middle East courtesy of Russia’s entrance into the Syrian (and also peripheral, connected ones like Yemen) theatre, the only terrain that the Military-Industrial Complex can drag its tank tracks across is in Latvia, Africa, and Ukraine. International law, Charters, paperwork etc are all null and void in the era of fourth generation warfare (simulacra), where the laws of the jungle are altered for every day ending in “Y”. Unfortunately for NATO, the plan to convert Crimea into a giant version of Kosovo has completely failed. The next few years will see the alliance try to justify its own existence against the background of Europe’s detachment from the American chain.

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