Assad Is Studying a Proposal to Connect Sevastopol To Syria by Sea

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The deputy of the State Duma from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik during his visit to Syria suggested to the President Bashar al-Assad and the Prime Minister Imad Khamis to organise a new sea trade route from Tartus to Crimea. Belik claims that the initiative interested the Syrian side.

“In particular, the Prime Minister of Syria Imad Khamis suggested to organise deliveries of fruit from Syria to Russia through Sevastopol. And supplies of Russian grain can be delivered from our city to Syria… Considering that Syria isn’t really concerned about the economic sanctions that Sevastopol is under, the proposal that we managed to discuss with the Prime Minister of Syria can seriously support the economy of our city,” claims the deputy.

“The President of Syria listened with interest to the offer for the organisation of a Sevastopol-Tartus sea route. The creation of a such a route, especially with the launch of both the car and railway parts of the Crimean Bridge, is a strategically interesting direction for Russian-Syrian relations,” said Belik.

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