Atlantic Council Suggests to Cross Merkel and Macron off the List of Friends of Ukraine

“On September 2, France, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia met in Berlin to begin planning a summit to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine. By all accounts, the meeting was inconclusive, and no date was set for a summit but it’s really a matter of when not if.  The four countries involved in the so-called Minsk II process, France, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia, have publicly expressed interest in convening a summit,” it is said in an article published on the website of the American analytical center working for the benefit of NATO.

And although every Ukrainian understandably wishes a quick end to the war in Donbass and a lasting settlement of the conflict, Ukraine is strongly advised to approach any Minsk Summit with the greatest care. Compelling reasons abound, warns the Atlantic Council.

The first in the list of dangers, according to the analytical center, is the leaders of Germany and France, who are the authors of the Minsk Agreements. It turns out that these Agreements are based on a peace plan made by the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the-then president of France François Hollande. Russia and Ukraine later joined, and as a result “final documents is a confusing and incoherent mishmash of vague undertakings by Russia and commitments forced upon Ukraine”.

Also, the Atlantic Council reminds that Angela Merkel, who in 2015 was still capable of taking a hard line in relation to Putin, seriously lost her level of influence in Germany. Moreover, her government, in the coalition with the Social Democrats, is more and more actively calling for an improvement in relations with Russia and shows a desire to weaken the sanctions.

Things are no better on the French side. It’s enough to mention the German-French initiative to return Russia without any conditions to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is necessary… And before the summit the president of France in general invited the President of Russia to visit him, which gave a reason to start to talk about the possible accession of Russia to the G7, stressed the Atlantic Council. And it warns that Macron is generally worth a closer look, since he “certainly will want to make the Normandy Four summit that will be held in Paris a success as well”.

“With a weakened Angela Merkel and a Vladimir Putin who will not be under real pressure to yield anything, the inexperienced Ukrainian president is likely to come under pressure from his Western partners. They will insist that he ‘be reasonable’ and ‘show good faith’ by accepting conditions that represent ‘tangible progress’, but that will mean a weakening of the Ukrainian position,” writes the author of the article Willem Aldershoff, drawing a terrible pictures of the whole of Europe plotting against little Ukraine.

Of course, the author admits that there can be a miracle and Zelensky “will surprise everybody by speaking in his usual fresh and open manner void of diplomatic niceties”.

But at the same time he has to constantly remember that the most important thing is Ukraine restoring control over the border, the withdrawal of all foreign formations, and also the disarmament of all illegal groups, edifies the Atlantic Council, which recently hasn’t hesitated to tell Zelensky what to do, how to act, and who to speak with.

However, the website admits that “with the German, French, and Russian odds not in his favor”, as well as the exchange of prisoners, laments Willem Aldershoff.

In general, how terrible it is to live – the insidious Macron and Merkel weave intrigues around the inexperienced Zelensky…

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