ATO Fighter Casually Brags Online About SBU Involvement in the Murders of Givi & Motorola

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Fighter of the so-called anti-terrorist operation Elena Belozerskaya, close to the former head of “Right Sector” Dmitry Yarosh, reported that the Ukrainian side is involved in the assassination of Donbass field commanders.

“The most powerful states of the world are famous for the fact that their politicians and diplomats, and if necessary also armed forces, protect their citizens wherever they may be, and their secret service get enemies of the state wherever they are. It is pleasant that at least on the second point we start not to lag behind. This info stays between us. And for strangers, you know yourself how it happens: when bandits don’t fairly divide loot, different things can happen — whether a bomb in the elevator, or a ‘Shmel’ in the window,” wrote Belozerskaya on her Facebook page, making it clear who she means, adding to the post the tag #Givi.

Some readers of her blog, nevertheless, expressed doubt in the information sounded by the nationalist, continuing to insist on the published and republished Kiev propaganda about the version of events on the alleged participation of the Russian intelligence services in the elimination of DPR field commander Mikhail Tolstykh – known under the call sign “Givi”.

Svitlana Konets: “LDPR is preparing for elections. Our SBU is not involved here. It only defends the asses of those like Gerachenko.”

“There is no need to complicate everything. The guys who did it don’t think in categories like ‘elections’, ‘ratings’, ‘policies’ and so on. There is just a well-known, untwisted enemy, so they planned an operation and killed him, that’s all,” specified Belozerskaya, adding that the Ukrainian side earlier distinguished itself with the murder of Arsen Pavlov’s (Motorola).

“I agree with Yury Donetsky in many things. I’m also not satisfied with the returning of the LDPR on Russia’s terms. But it is indeed ours who removed Givi and Motorola.”

It is remarkable that the Chief of National Police of the part of Donetsk region that is under the control of Kiev Vyacheslav Abroskin recognized that murder of “Givi” happened in front of his sources.

“The police of the Donetsk region has such information that this morning the terrorist Givi, Mikhail Tolstykh was killed. Our sources that are now there saw how all this happened,” said Abroskin.

The well-known Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev doesn’t doubt the participation of Ukraine in the murder.

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“Any person who openly opposes political Ukrainianism has to be prepared for death every day. Most likely, stealthily. Such are ancient traditions of this ideology. And yes. Now it is clear that ‘hotheads’ were obviously in a hurry to blame Plotnitsky for the deaths of Dremov and Mozgovoy. Now I am inclined to think that they were killed by the same Ukrainian terrorists who killed Pavlov and Tolstykh,” wrote Tkachev on the social network.

At this time he noted in the comments that in the last two years about two million people returned to Donetsk and Lugansk, among whom can be many saboteurs planted by Ukraine.

“Professionals are not even needed here. To assemble the explosive device from improvised materials and to put it in action is nothing complex … Again, at what expense in this sense does the SBU work effectively? Total control of telephone negotiations. For example, in the DPR and LPR nothing can be done: local terrorists can even buy ordinary MTS discuss acts of terrorism in all details — their negotiations won’t be intercepted,” emphasised Tkachev.

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