“ATO Volunteer” Described How Ukrainian Special Forces Left Their Wounded Commander to Die

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As “Russian Spring” already reported, a few days ago the Ukrainian side announced the discovery of the missing body of the special forces Colonel Aleksandr Boyko, who died during carrying out punitive operations aimed at identifying sympathizers of the militia – civilians in the so-called “grey zone”.

From the very beginning the story looked extremely unsightly.

At first the wife of the special forces soldier said that his subordinates left her wounded husband to die.

Then the well-known “volunteer of the ATO”, writing under the pseudonym “Katka Arta”, described the shocking details: “military co-brothers”, in order to hide their cowardice, pointed out to the search group obviously wrong coordinates beforehand, and the Colonel, who could have been saved, died in a foreign land – not lasting until the promised help arrived.

The body was found completely by chance and in a totally different place.

In addition, the volunteer published the personal data of the cowardly “co-brother”.

According to “Russian Spring”, received from Ukrainian sources – sympathisers of the militia, in fact, Colonel Boyko, who indeed is a career officer, was assigned as the commander of a group of mercenaries from a PMC, whose hands carried out the dirtiest operations in the genocide of the peaceful population of Donbass.

It is precisely this that was the reason for this “unsportsmanlike” behavior by the punitive-saboteur group, who left their wounded commander to the mercy of fate. Moreover, it is rather likely that in the group (which may more properly be called a gang) there was an internal conflict, the result of which became the wounding of its leader (commander).

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“Russian Spring” will investigate the situation surrounding the mysterious Colonel’s special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Vega”, and in the meantime we suggest that you become acquainted with the volunteer herself’s emotional stream of consciousness.

“Do you remember the individuals who left their commander!!! Here is what those who abandon their comrade and forever forget about his whereabouts look like.

Here is what those who want to live look like.

Here is what those who give a search group false coordinates look like.

Here is what those who find the time to makes videos and a bunch of photos of a wounded commander from the height of human growth, but who have no time to take the commander with them look like.

Here is what those who falsely describe how they used the first aid kit of the commander and rendered first aid, but the commander is found together with his untouched first aid kit look like. And these beings proudly call themselves special forces…

I can’t even call them human! !! For 10 weeks they were telling lies, while their commander who they abandoned was in the same place where they abandoned him, these creatures that wanted to live.

But God is almighty! And the judgment of God awaits all of them, together with the central command, which covered all of them, and mocked by their false stories the family of the abandoned commander Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Boyko.”

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