The Augean Stables Awaiting Trump

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



With the development of transport, information technologies, and global trade it appears that our planet is much smaller than we could imagine. And events taking place at one end of it affect substantially the other places that are distant from these events.

That is why we are watching what is happening in the United States, China, European Union, Syria, and, of course, in Donbass. But today we will talk about the United States and its immediate prospects.

About how the exiting Obama, fulfilling the orders from his sponsors, tries to maximumally to sully Trump (and Republicans in general) and Russia, as well as how the United States, which rapidly loses its hegemony, strives to sully possible competitors – the EU, China, and Russia.

Moreover, the pursuit of sullying Russia is deeply irrational and takes its roots not only from the history of the ideological confrontation with the Communist USSR, but also from the personal Russophobia of the main strategists of US like the Polish immigrant Brzezinski.

The result is that the actions of recent presidential administrations of the United States are more reminiscent of shooting oneself in the foot to spite a neighbor. The most insidious thing that they could do is to agree with a part of the Russian elites (and such elites willing to compromise with the US were present in Russian political circles), and using Russia as a kind of battering ram, to try to torpedo and strangle China.

Instead, Washington tried to bend Moscow, while we do not like nor understand it. And in fact, it was precisely the administrations of firstly Bush Jr and then Obama that pushed Russia and China towards a strategic alliance. Instead of trying to be friends with the US against China, we are friends with China against the United States. And this, in my point of view, is the best possible option because the Anglo-Saxons are not to be trusted – during centuries they consistently betrayed all of their allies (it is no wonder they have a saying deeply foreign to us: “There are no eternal allies, only eternal interests”).

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As a result of this short-sighted policy, the United States, instead of big, rich, and powerful Russia, received under their control a small, impoverished, and weak Ukraine. And its not Washington that used Russia’s resources to fight China, but the United States is constantly forced to spend money on maintaining the unsustainable regime of Poroshenko.

Within the States, the situation is no better. Unemployment is significantly higher than the officially declared figures (especially in the States of “rust belt”). Every day about 25 veterans from various American wars commit suicide – partly because of remorse, but mostly, let’s be realistic, because of despair (no pensions, no jobs, no social programs).

Cops daily kill several unarmed citizens. More recently, people also began to kill police officers in response. In fact, there is an undeclared civil war.

The credibility of the official media fell to a historical low. Today, two-thirds of Americans do not believe the official news coming from the TV, preferring alternative sources on the Internet. Americans appeared to be not as stupid as the ruling establishment would want them to be (which is why Trump won).

The state budget of the US is also deeply in deficit. And if in Russia the problem of the budget deficit are solved by “raiding a stash” (the exact number of which nobody knows), the US just more and more increases the external debt.

A significant part of the budget deficit of the United States is represented by excessive spending on “defence” (defense in quotation marks because Washington already for 70 years has been conducting only a war of conquest).

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Well, the exiting Obama made more of an effort so that his sponsors from the military industrial complex recruited the maximum amount of money from the state budget, also for the first year of the presidency of Trump. In particular, the continued funding for the failed project, the F-35. Here is what the American media wrote about it:

The U.S. Air force expects by mid 2020 to prepare the multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation F-35 to confront the Russian and Chinese air defense systems.

“They have got these digital SAMS (surface-to-air-missile-systems) out there that can change frequencies and they are very agile in how they operate. being able to replicate that is not easy,” said the Director of the Department of integration of the F-35 U.S. Air Force Major General Jeffrey Harrigian.

The U.S. military considers the s-300 as one of the main threats to the launch of the Joint Strike Fighter program aimed at the modernization of the fleet of bombers and strike aircraft of all the Armed Forces, the newspaper notes. They see the main danger to be the system’s ability to identify and destroy targets (in particular, so-called stealth aircraft) with long range…

American budget-makers prefer not to remember at all the existence of the s-400 and s-500. Because they will need to justify the cut for the next trillion for the creation of the “F-36”. And in such a way they do everything. As classics call it, this is the predominance of private interests over public ones.

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So the situation in the United States should not be viewed as an abstract monolith, but as a real tangle of contradictions between many power groups with often fully antagonistic interests.

Trump, if he really wants to try to reverse the situation, needs to organize large-scale purges in the state administration, the secret service, the Generals of the army, and in the Deputy corps. In fact, the purges that Erdogan did in Turkey is child’s play compared to those Augean stables that Trump needs to clean. It’s not impossible, but very difficult.

For now I do not see that Trump has a sufficient understanding of the issues before him, nor is his team able to cope with them. All these Giulianis and Musks are the creation of the existing system, the flesh and blood. Although there are guy’s like Trey Gowdy, who have no respect for authority, but have excess desire to fulfill the command “Bite!”

And, judging by the latest statement from Trump – that he was hoping for a normal transition but sticks are put in the spokes of his wheels – in the near future we will see a tough confrontation between the old establishment that is fattened by warmongering, and the new conservative isolationists. The results of this conflict is still difficult to predict, but it will not be boring – that’s for sure.

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