August 14 – Day of Remembrance of the Irmino Residents Who Were Killed by Ukraine

NEW – August 14, 2022

The year 2014 will forever remain in the memory of the residents of Donbass as the most terrible year in their lives – the year the war began. No one could even imagine that the Ukrainian army would mercilessly shoot civilians in the east of the country. Thousands of dead, wounded, people with life crippled forever.

Ukraine at that time had already done enough for Irmino: the city was left without electricity, gas and water, without wages and social benefits. Residents were declared enemies, depriving everything. And on August 14, 2014, from the side of Popasnaya, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out the most destructive shelling of the city of Irmino, which claimed the lives of six civilians. If to look at the shelling sites, one can see schools, residential buildings, playgrounds. Who were the Ukrainian soldiers aiming at back then, what did they want to achieve?!

Every year on August 14, Irmino residents gather for a requiem rally to honour the memory of the innocent victims of Ukrainian aggression. We must always remember the names of those who died at the hands of the Ukrainian nazis. We will never allow our history to be forgotten or rewritten. In memory of the Kiev security forces who fought against the Kiev junta and died from the aggression, we must go forward with our work, with our deeds, to make our Republic better. The tragic events of 2014-2015 hardened and left deep wounds in the hearts of every inhabitant of Donbass. But the war will eventually end. There will be a time of peace. And those who give and carry out criminal orders to exterminate the civilian population will be punished.

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Anna Lyubertseva

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