Avakov Caught Gerashchenko Embezzling Money Allocated For “Mirotvorets”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The political analyst and Director of the Center for Innovative Consulting of the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture Dmitry Korneychuk, referring to a source in the environment of the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, reported on his microblog about the financial swindles of the adviser to the Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

Allegedly, Gerashchenko “sawed off” with his political strategist the lion share of means that were allocated for “Mirotvorets”, Institute of the future, and also all of Avakov’s PR campaign.

Avakov, having learned about it, gave his cunning adviser a good scolding.

“A source in Avakov’s environment: in the morning there was a terrible scandal between the Interior Minister and his adviser Anton Gerashchenko. Avakov found out that Gerashchenko, with his accomplice political strategist, stole 90% of the money that was allocated for the website ‘Mirotvorets’, Institute of the future, and also for all of the PR campaigns paid by Avakov from 2014,” wrote Korneychuk.

Allegedly, even the own materials of Avakov were sold for publication in “Ukrainian Pravda” by the enterprising adviser for tenfold profit.

“Gerashchenko managed to sell material of his own blogs on Ukrainian Pravda to the chief even 10 times more expensively,” said the political strategist.

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