“Avakov in Jail!” – Hundreds of Protesters at the Rada Demand Avakov’s Resignation

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Near the building of Verkhovna Rada several rallies took place. More than 2000 people gathered in the center of Kiev with the demand to solve a number of socio-economic problems in the country.

Among the demonstrators were pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. They demanded the transfer of their pensions and to not abolish privileges, and also to bring the head of the Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov to criminal justice.

Students protested alongside the pensioners. They oppose the bill on the reduction of fees for grants next year.

Also the owners of kiosks came to the Verkhovna Rada building and demanded to keep their business in Kiev.

Public control was monitored by a few hundred police officers and members of the National Guard of Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada building was under heavy guard.

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