Avakov Said That Poroshenko May Be Summoned for Interrogation in Corruption Cases

The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov assumes that Petro Poroshenko, after the time of his presidency ends, can be called for interrogation concerning the most resonant corruption affairs. He stated this at the 12th Kiev Security Forum.

“I have no rights. I am only a political minister. I think that if there are the grounds, we have enough institutes that can open criminal proceedings against a citizen who once was president. It’s a normal procedure,” stressed Avakov. He added that he regularly goes to interrogations.

Arseny Yatsenyuk (the leader of the “People’s Front” party and former Prime Minister – ed) regularly goes to interrogations. The last time I was interrogated concerned an attempt to assassination Yanukovych and was at the request of Mr Yanukovych, which he sent from Moscow in 2014,” said Avakov. “It there is guilt – there will be a response, if there is no guilt – everything will be calm,” added the Minister of Internal Affairs.

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