Avakov’s Adviser Kiva: We’ll Force Donbass to Love Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Ilya Kiva made a scandalous statement.

On the air of the Fifth channel, Ilya Kiva, during an interview, said that the residents of Donbass should be forcibly Ukrainized.

“Today the main task is the formation of a new generation. And when the issue of decommunization was raised, I said: Donbass needs not decommunization, but Ukrainianization. And even if it is by force! People are poisoned, and sometimes irreparably poisoned by post-Soviet rhetoric,” said Kiva.

Kiva also added that it is possible to apply any methods for the education of “love to Ukraine”.

“To stand up and to learn to love! If you do not love Ukraine, we’ll force you to do it. “Vata” [Russians – ed] loves power. And respects power,” said the adviser of Avakov.

As a reminder, earlier Ilya Kiva declared that Ukraine needs a totalitarian regime in order to establish order.

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