Avakov’s Advisor Received a Receipt With the Inscription “Poroshenko Is an A**hole, Donbass Rules”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The adviser to the Interior Minister Ilya Kiva reported that after purchasing goods in one of the shops on Solomenskaya Street in Kiev issued him a receipt with the inscription: “Poroshenko is an a**hole, Donbass rules”.

Kiva suspected this inscription of appeals for separatism and called the police. The video of the event was recorded and published on the page on Facebook by the nationalist radical Dmitry Korchinsky.

The author of the recording accompanied the video with his own explanation of a situation: “As it became clear in the course of events, the owner of the shop is the parishioner of the Ioninsky Monastery (a breeding ground of anti-Ukrainian propaganda)”.

At the same time the shop assistant stated that Kiva himself produced such a receipt, and that the shop doesn’t issue them. She assumed that Kiva is “stoned”. The lawyer of the owner of the shop arrived a bit later and stated that the receipts are the result of a hacker attack.

As a reminder, on April 20th Ilya Kiva reported that he “grabbed the baton” from the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios and printed on himself a strange tattoo.

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