“Avakov’s Eagles” Delivered an Ultimatum to the Verkhovna Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Avakov engaged himself in the consolidation of the far-right movement in Ukraine.

In Kiev, near the Verkhovna Rada, nazis from Azov National Korpus, Right Sector, and Svoboda members held a joint meeting during which they made their demands to the authorities.

According to the leader of the same party, Oleg Tyagnybok, nationalists (and nazis) demand to refuse trade with occupied territories and Russia; to refuse privatization of the strategic enterprises and to carry out nationalization of those who are already privatized; to refuse the introduction of the sale of lands; to refuse further increases of tariffs. He added that right-wing parties all together demand the holding of early elections of the President and the Verkhovna Rada. Tyahnybok suggested to the present Parliament to adopt the law on elections according to open lists, to appoint new members of the central commission, to adopt the law on impeachment, and to leave. According to him, nationalists (nazis) are ready to come to power and “internally feel” how to govern the country.


There is no need to examine the anatomy of Tyagnybok and other members of the degenerate Svoboda in order to understand from where the “internal feeling” could come from, it is enough remember how after Maidan the Svoboda members who got state positions in a short period of time were thrown out from there because of their robberies, bribery, and banal incompetence.

Upon the termination of the meeting, Tyagnybok, Tarasenko, and Biletsky brought the ultimatum to the parliament. In the Rada, Biletsky threatened the present People’s Deputies with a state coup:

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“A small group of millionaires and billionaires, many of which are present here, actually usurped all power in the country – the President, the government, the majority in parliament actually belong to the same clique.

You represent our country in the international arena, although people didn’t grant powers to you for this. And what you did is privatization and the selling-off of Ukraine. This is hunger because of tariffs, and unemployment. This is capitulation and the delivery of territories to the Kremlin.

We, the Ukrainian nationalists, combine efforts to oppose the armed occupiers in the east and the financial dictatorship of the West. But, the main thing that we do, first of all, is to destroy this power, which by mistake is called ‘Ukrainian’.

As statists we demand a new political course, which has to lean on the priority of national interests. We won’t allow the privatization of strategic enterprises, the sale of agricultural lands, a quarterly increase in utility prices. We demand a severance of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. And, finally, we demand a real mechanism of impeachment of the President and the withdrawing of Deputies.”

His words were met with a disapproving rumble from the ruling parties – Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and People’s Front of Yatsenyuk.

“We, Ukrainian nationalists, are united and resolute more than ever. And I promise that if you try to not fulfil our demands, we will have enough courage and determination to force this Verkhovna Rada to leave by their own accord. Believe us, we will do it! We gathered here in order to start the fight against the authorities. So that it is not a thievish’, but a Ukrainian one,” threatened Biletsky.

Biletsky’s statement about a coup can be considered seriously only in one case – if the western curators gave the green light for the coup. The head of the nazi Azov isn’t so stupid to not understand that in the event of unauthorized actions he will immediately become a pariah and a potential candidate for the Hague. Most likely, today’s demonstration must be considered as Avakov’s actions (which Biletsky has tagged along with for a long time, and tightly) for consolidation of far-right forces, which will allow him to have considerably weight in the political arena of Ukraine. As today’s presence in the action of Svoboda and Right Sector shows – at the moment for Avakov everything is going “according to plan”.


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