Avakov’s Henchmen Threatened to Drive a Tractor over the Villagers of Lugansk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Lugansk Front

The local authorities of Severodonetsk [occupied by the UAF – ed] took the decision to close the market where the residents of neighboring villages could sell their products. 
This was reported on the “Lugansk Front” YouTube channel.

The ban on any trade was confirmed by all locals, who, on top of everything else, admitted that for them trade is now their only chance to survive.

“I sell pickles that I made myself, and now I sell them to somehow pay for gas. If during the day I sell all my goods, and this is improbable, then I will earn 100-150 hryvnia. This will supplement my scanty pension. The Ukrainian authorities go to Hawaii, and I am forced to live for this meagre pension. The local authorities issued threats, saying that if we continue to sell here, then they will plough over us with a tractor together with our goods,” complained a pensioner.

It should be noted that representatives of law and order at first were silent about whose order they carry out, and then they unwillingly answered that this is a decree of the City Council.

“I arrived from the Novoaidar region to sell cottage cheese and milk. We have no work in the village, there is no work for us in the cities too, we survive only on the cattle that we raise. It is our only source of income,” admitted the farmer.

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