Azarov: Ukrainian Comic Book About Donbass Aims to Turn Children into Cannon Fodder for the Junta

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine a comic book for children called “Nikitki’s Adventure” was published, in which the conflict in Donbass is described. According to the former Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov, this comic is propaganda, and “little Ukrainians are being trained for the role of militants”.

The Ukrainian creators of the comic book about the UAF decided to describe to children the war in Donbass. The main character of the book is the boy Nikitka and the Ukrainian military personnel who are fighting against the residents of Lugansk. Nikolay Azarov criticised the comic book, having noted that in the book it is shown as allegedly “good Ukrainians killing the bad Lugansk residents”.

The politician noted that he isn’t surprised any more by what is happening in Ukraine — “little Ukrainians since their childhood are trained for the role of militants” who will act against their own people.

“But they [government in Kiev – ed] really think that the military conflict will last for so many years that children will be able to grow up and turn into militants of punitive battalions?! And do parents really want to raise their children for the sake of transforming them into cannon fodder for the Kiev junta?” wrote Azarov on his Facebook page on Facebook.

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