“Azov” Founder Andrey Biletsky in 2010: We Need a Confederation with Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The founder of the neo-Nazi regiment “Azov” and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Biletsky previously advocated allied relations between Ukraine and Russia. 
The corresponding video was published on the Facebook page of the user Gennady Babayev.

“Andrey Biletsky is the head of National Corpus. Listen to what it gurgled before the war and do not build illusions concerning such ‘patriots’, who change their shoes on the go. Wise people say: ‘Money is the head of everything’,” commented Babayev.

In the video [which is from 2010 – ed] one can hear how Andrey Biletsky, who headed the “Social-National Assembly” in previous years, notes that Ukrainian social-nationalists are not against a Confederation with Russia.

“We, social nationalists, have a completely different situation in this regard. Firstly, geopolitically and in terms of race. We understand that separation from Russia – such a kind of division – is idiocy. Because, firstly, our idea is a powerful pro-Ukrainian Confederation with its center in Kiev. This is by no means a single state, as our local friends try to attribute to us every time after this. In any case it’s not a single state,” said the social nationalist.

According to him, Ukraine will not be able to be realise itself geopolitically without Russian resources.

“The confederation has a completely indirect relation to a single state – a confederation with a bloc orientation, if you like, in order to not frighten with this word. The bloc is of course Eastern European. If Ukraine, so to speak, wants to realise itself geopolitically, then we need, if to be honest, Russia’s natural resources,” said Biletsky.

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