“Azov” Meeting in Kherson: Biletsky Discussed How to Punish the SBU for Releasing “Separatists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!

The boomerang sent by the SBU will return back to it soon

I have learned about some of the moments of a meeting in Kherson of the head fighter of the fascist and nationalist “Azov” battalion became known to me. On June 11th, 2017, a meeting between this freak and the Kherson branch of Azov took place.

These scumbags discussed at an official meeting the question of exterminating separatists. To catch them, to locate them, to find them on social networks, and to give them to the SBU.

Also, at this meeting Biletsky urged to unite with fighters of “Right Sector” to counteract separatists. He also invited the youth to join their ranks.

He announced that they have very good financing, as financial aid constantly arrives from abroad.

Moreover, across Kherson they spread fake information that about 400 people participated in the open meeting with Biletsky, but actually there were only 30 people. Photos of this meeting were sent to me.

At this meeting they also discussed the question of restoring so-called order in all structures of power, staging the fourth coup, the introduction of the death penalty, and a rupture of all treaties and diplomatic relations with Russia.

Biletsky officially stated that they will block diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine soon and will demand the removal of troops from the territory of Crimea. And only after that, according to the fighter, is it possible to consider a recovery of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

I also became aware of the second part of a confidential meeting with individuals of military wing of Kherson.

They asked the question – how to force the SBU to work for them.

They claim that the SBU often releases separatists at will. For Biletsky and his shoe-polishers such a situation isn’t desirable, therefore they developed a plan on how to frighten SBU employees and to trash their personal property.

And this involves arsons of apartments, destruction of motor transport, and more if they don’t hear them. Biletsky, among this company, expressed this very harshly to the Kherson inhabitants, as he doesn’t understand why Kherson doesn’t support them, and why residents are ready for friendly relations with the Russian Federation.

P.S. Regarding everything else, you can guess where our country and my dear Kherson is heading.

SBU employees, you are like children with matches in their hands.

It will end badly with these Nazis. They will soon hang you on poles and burn you, as it was done in the Middle Ages.

Here is such democracy in Ukraine.


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