“Azov” Members Promised to Deal With the Berdyansk Teenagers Who Burned a Ukrainian Flag

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The National Police of Zaporizhia reported the capture of teenagers who burned a Ukrainian flag in Berdyansk. The young people aged 13 and 14 years were detained and taken to the police station in Berdyansk. A criminal case was opened by the police for “violation of the Ukrainian symbols”.

Earlier, on May 31st, teenagers tore off the Ukrainian flag from the building of one of the out-patient clinics of the city, and then afterwards set it on fire.

The fighter of the “ATO” Sarmat commented on the action, unambiguously hinting at punishing young people.

“The case suggest that there were two. And, most likely, they filmed it with a camera. If you come across the video, let me know. Concerning what will happen to this scum when they are caught, I will keep quiet,” he commented.

In turn, “Azov members” promised to make “normal Ukrainians” out of the teenagers.

“You remember the story with the burning of a Ukrainian Flag in Berdyansk? I will report something. Berdyansk SBU employees under the leadership of Andrey Ivashko found the wretches. In three days. So, contrary to popular belief, the Service works. The young children are school students. They are locals. No incitement or curators. They are juveniles, asleep young fools.

I think, the correct decision will be if we send them for re-education in the central committee of Azov to Angelina Bonni. They will be under good supervision, among normal, patriotic youth, they will grow to look like normal Ukrainians,” stated the Nazi from Azov Oleshko.

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