“Azov” Nazis in the Chernigov Region Founded a “Place of Power” and Installed a Pagan Idol

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In one of the villages of the Chernigov region Ukrainian Nazis, militants from the punitive “Azov” battalion, established a pagan “place of power” and also installed a wooden idol for the purpose of carrying out ceremonies there. This was reported by the head of the Kiev branch of the radical National Corpus organisation, which was founded on the basis of the neo-Nazi “Azov” regiment, Sergey Filimonov on his Facebook page.

“An idol of Veles, which we established in the village of Kachanovka with friends. A place of power with an incredible nature and very hospitable people. The perfect place for agro-tourism,” it is said in the statement.

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