“Azov” Neo-Nazis Threatened To “Sort Out” Players Of “Shakhtar” Who Don’t Support the UAF’s War Crimes

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the evening of Tuesday, November 28th, neo-Nazis from among the so-called fan groups “Kharkov City Patriots” and the Donetsk-based [from Kiev-controlled territory – ed] “The Club”, and the neo-Nazi gang “National Corpus” (former Azov) stopped the bus of the football club “Shakhtar” [which re-located to northern Ukraine, and recently to Kharkov, after the ATO started – ed] in order to “communicate with the football players”. The 
Neo-nazis spoke about this on their pages on social networks.

“Tonight Kharkov nationalists, among whom there were representatives of ‘Kharkov City Patriots’ and the Donetsk-based ‘The Club’ stopped the bus of the football players of FC Shakhtar for a conversation. The guys complained to the team about their strange actions and vague stance concerning the war in the East. The football players justified themselves, Stepanenko personally promised to come out in support of ATO soldiers at the next game,” it is said in the statement.

In the video posted by the neo-Nazis, the conversation with the players Taras Stepanenko, Andrey Pyatov, and Yaroslav Rakitsky about the position of the club in relation to the war is captured.

“We have many questions for your team and your management. You many times stated an ugly position concerning events that occur in Ukraine,” one of the leaders of the movement said.

Andrey Pyatov asked for clarification about what events he is talking about.

“We see every time what you think about the anthem of Ukraine. You behave shamefully. You repeatedly refused to wear a t-shirt in support of ATO soldiers,” said one of the neo-Nazis.

“If you have even the slightest desire to express a position against something Ukrainian – the army or the country – then you will either leave from here, or the issue with you will be sorted out here. And this issue will be sorted out not by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not by law enforcement bodies, but by us, Ukrainians,” said the activist.

As “Russian Spring” reported, the day before the management of Shakhtar banned children of “ATO” fighters from coming onto the pitch of the Lobanovsky Stadium of “Kiev Dynamo” in t-shirts with the inscription “My Father is a Hero”. Shortly before the beginning of a game the parents were warned that the children will be authorised to go onto the pitch only in normal clothes.

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It should be noted that “Shakhtar” succumbed to the pressure and death threats of the nazis, and wore pro-Ukraine apparel before the start of the match against “Veres” in the Ukrainian cup.

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